Saturday, December 5, 2009

World Wide Weirdos???

My geeky uncle warned us against putting photos of our family online. Apparently he had a dose of being 'investigated' via the web. He was eyeing for a job in a certain country and apparently during the interview the interviewer mentioned something about his interests and hobbies which he of course didn't put on his resume but it was on the web. Of course it wasn't anything bad but it just freaked him out a bit that they actually went online to check his background which I'm sure what most people are doing in this day and age.

It got him thinking that maybe it's not a good idea to put everything online. Some things like your family should be kept private because there are some crazy people out there who would do crazy stuff. One time I came across a person's blog, who used someone's daughter's pictures and claim it as their own. There are even people who uses other people's photos and claim that it's their family etc.

Weirdos I tell you... weirdos.

Anyhoo...It is one's personal choice what they want or do not want to publish in the World Wide Web. I however have decided to not put up photos of Azalia anymore.Plus.. I'm too lazy anyway.hehehehe

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