Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 layer tea a.k.a Teh Si Peng Special

OK truth be told.. even though I go back to KCH every year.. I've never heard of this tea nor have I been introduced by this tea by my father,cousins, uncles or aunties. None of them ever told me about this tea. What I do eat when I get back is Mee kolok, Laksa Sarawak, Sotong kangkung and of course my must have ais jagung...aaaaaa sedaaaappppp. (ooppsss dah lari topic)

Soooo imagine my surprise when my husband suddenly asked me about it because apparently his colleagues said this tea is so damn famous in KCH and everyone who goes there will have it. WTH??!!! kenapa aku tatau hah???

Anyway.. asked my Dad about 3 layer tea who is a born and bred sarawakian and he himself didn't know about the tea. Then I decided to google and found out that its actual name is Teh Si Peng Special.

Must ask Dad about it first thing in the morning.

Anyway.. had my first taste of it in



Wait for it ( To quote Barney from How I Met Your Mother.. Damn I love that show)



Chicken Rice Shop at Tesco, Mutiara Perdana!! HAHAHAHA!!! I've never tasted the original(the KCH one laaa) sooo can't compare but the one I had was pretty tasty.Must ask cousins to bring me when I go back next year!!!!

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