Sunday, April 24, 2011


Went back to Kuching for my cousin's wedding and of course the trip was awesome as always. Wish it could have been longer.

Anyway, Azalia had fun playing with her little aunts and cousins. Overheard her asking my 7yo twin cousins

Azalia: Kakak, (they're supposed to be her aunties) Kenapa awak ada dua?

One of the Twin cousins: Sebab Allah kasi mak saya dua.

Azalia: Ooo.. Allah kasi saya satu saja.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big perut...

2 days ago, as I prepared to read her book before bed, Azalia patted my tummy and said

Alia: Mak, perut mak big. Tapi takde baby lagi kan??

Me: Tak.. belum ada lagi.

Alia: Perut mak big sebab mak makan banyak kan.

Me: Erkkkk

Asa: (smirking)

Me: (bringing down the hubby too) Sapa punya perut lagi besar. Abah ke Mak?

Alia: ABAH!!!

Asa: (gimme the look why?? why??)

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Power of Play - Fisher Price

Attended this talk by fisher price on Saturday and it was so much fun and educational.

Worth the RM30 I paid. Not only I gained a lot from Carrie Lipoli, founder of LiveandLearn but the goodie back from fisher price definitely worth more than RM100 as promised. Will share more about what I learned from the talk. Definitely would attend more talks like this. Am so sure that this is want I want to do with my life.

Held at the Empire Hotel.

The goody bag

What's inside. AWESOME!!

Inside the Nestle box.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tips to bringing your baby/toddler out on your own.

When Azalia was a baby, Asa's working schedule was very uncertain, so I knew earlier on that I need to be able to bring her out on my own so I wouldn't be too dependant on Asa. Plus, I was partly inspired by my mom's stories of how she would fly with all 3 of us back to KL (back then we lived in Sarawak) when we were small.. Just her and us, baby and toddlers. So yeah... I was determined to be independant.

So here are some things I learned along the way

1. Know your child's schedule
A hungry baby is a cranky baby. If you're breastfeeding, it's easier. No bottles to pack. If you bottle feed make sure bring milk. Best if you feed before you go. If she needs sleep go out after. A sleepy baby is also a cranky baby.

2. Car seat trained
Very important for safety. Enough said. How to succeed in training? Well that's a whole different entry but perseverance is key. Thankfully for me, Asa persevered and I get motion sickness. Who knew my motion sickness would come in handy. She still sits in her car seat till this day and if she doesn't she wears the seat belt.

3. Baby carrier/stroller.
Azalia was and still loves being in her stroller. My shoulders get tired easily so I prefer the stroller than the baby carrier. Either way, having your hands free will enable you to run errands easier.

4. Pack some baby wipes
Definitely a life saver. Even if your toddler is diaperless.

5. A change of clothes, and diaper.
Just in case. So you won't have to rush back or buy them new.

6. Pack everything..and I MEAN EVERYTHING in 1 bag. Makes your life much easier.

7. Keep him/her entertained.
Bring his/her favourite toy if you must. But not too bulky.

8. Eat before you go out. You'll get cranky if she makes a fuss. But if you want to eat outside, find somewhere that is children friendly so you wouldnt be so embarassed if your baby makes a fuss.

9. Pull up diapers is handy..especially in an airplane.

I have to say I love going out with Azalia, just the two of us. Sure it's not a bed of roses, especially now when she wants everything and I have to say No and she'll kick up a fuss but I usually ignore..oh yess... muka tebal is essential..hehehhe... but yeah.. we definitely have a good time most of the time we go out. Plus that feeling you get when you know u can do it all alone is priceless.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy busy...

For the past week I've been busy with work the new unit assigned to me. Told a friend that I'm both 'LIKE' and 'DISLIKE' my current job description right now.

'LIKE' because I'm doing something totally new and it gave me an insight on the financial parts of a unit trust company and the issues that they face, 'DISLIKE' because I was getting way comfortable in doing things that I know for certain that I'm good at (my previous job) and became the go to person in my previous unit, and also.... complacent a bit hehehehe... to being a newbie and not being in the loop all the time. Definitely not a HUGE DISLIKE and of course I'm sure it'll get better.

Hence, I am lately busy because in addition to my new job scope, I'm in the midst of opening up another class for ALIMKids PJ and currently the class is only half full. Anyone wants to help?

But the ALIMKids PJ has been a blast lately. Came up with lots of crafts for the kids to do which is lots of fun. Especially when I see them enjoying their masterpiece afterwards. Definitely thumbs up!!.

Oh well... gotta get back to office work.


p.s: Come and visit our booth at the Smart Kids Expo PWTC on 15th-17th APRIL!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome #4 Getting you tax return less than 2 weeks after submission..

Yeah.. I got mine 2 weeks ago. Just in time to pay our flight tickets to Hong Kong this May. I submitted in early March. So what are you waiting for.. submit yours now!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome #3 - A weekend getaway at a non crowded beach

Had an exhausting but fun filled weekend at Pengkalan Balak, Melaka courtesy of Hubby's Kelab Hartawan Hartanah's family day.

Nothing more awesome than seeing your kid running on the beach happily, collecting sea shells and jumping into the water afterwards. Azalia has finally conquered her fear of the sea thanks to 'the little mermaid'. YEAY!!

Nothing much to say about the accomodation, but it's a clean place to spend the night so that's fine with us but the beach is literally at our doorstep, so who needs a room to stay in when you have a clean beach all by yourself.

There was only a kiddy pool, which was also at our doorstep hence very very convenient.

Good food, lots of laughs.. definitely an AWESOME weekend.

p.s: my attempt to built a sandcastle was successful (though unfinished because Azalia decided to jump into the swimming pool living me behind at the beach.. ) but still.... yeay!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My artbox

Ever since I've started conducting ALIMKids playgroup , I have endless supplies in my artbox for the arts and crafts session.

Having everything that I need in a box saves time and makes it easier for me to come up with creative projects for the little khalifahs. Azalia also benefits from this as she also gets a chance to do more arts and crafts projects with me.

Here are my current must haves in my art box

1. Hot glue gun (only for me NOT the kids)
2. The staples - scissors, glue, different types of tapes(masking,double sided, cellophane, penknife)
3. Staplers
4. chopsticks
5. paper cups and plates
6. Tempera Paints
7. construction paper.
8. Toilet rolls
9. Random shapes discarde boxes.
10. Beans
11. Cotton balls
12. Ice cream sticks
13. Twine

I have yet to add glitters to my art box because I personally don't like to use them. But the kids love them so I will put them in one day.