Monday, October 17, 2011

First concert!!!!

I was an extremely proud mom on Sunday, 17.10.11 at 4.30pm. It was Azalia's first concert. Heck, it was her first time on stage performing!!!.

Unlike her mother, she was a natural on stage. Early that morning she was already asking us to go and get ready, but I had to tell her that her concert was in the evening. Every hour she would check with me if its time and she didn't fuss when I told her to eat because she knew she needs energy to dance that evening.

At 2pm, I was putting on her make up and she wanted to put on her constume straight away but I didn't want to because I wanted her to be comfortable during the ride there.

To be honest.. I was nervous. I hated performing. Mom put me in a lot of shows and I hated every single moment of them. I didn't want her to inherit that. And clearly she didnt. Because she was so happy and excited to be there. She even told me to put her blankie in her bag and get the best seats so that she can see me from the stage. I happily obliged.

When it was her group's turn to perform I could see the teachers ushering them on stage and she had an apprehensive look on her face. I waved to her excitedly calling out her name because I was scared she wouldn't perform if she didnt see us, and as soon as she saw us, she gave the biggest smile, waved and gave me a thumbs up. She took her place on stage and got ready for the song.

Oh how she danced.

I was so proud of her. My eyes were on her most of the time. I didnt really care about the other kids because my daughter is up there and she's doing her best and she's enjoying it to the fullest. I could see her mouthing the words to the song and she followed the rhythm perfectly.

I wanted to scream her name but remembered her telling me not to be so noisy because she doesn't want to be distracted.. haha ye lah.

Asa told me to calm down and stop waving. Hek eleh.

Whatever it is. I am so very proud of her. And I thought she was the best among her group. (biased much?? hehe)

When I picked her up from the back of the stage she said.. "I had lots of fun mummy" with the biggest grin on her face. And she asked when the next concert will be.

I look forward for more performances from her and I am super glad she didn't inherit my stage fright!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Go slow, win the race.

Asked Azalia about her progress in school. For her reading, she is currently at book 4 while one of her classmates is at book. So I asked her,

Me: Why Brian is at book 8 and you're at book 4? Brian so fast and you're still at book 4.

Azalia: (smiling and speaking calmly) Mak, Alia go slow slow then only I will win the race.

Me: Erk....

Maybe I should have emphasized the lesson of that rabbit and turtle race better. Sigh.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do you love me ??

I have a habit that just won't go away.. that people might think that I'm a bit too clingy. I think it was because I didn't get enough attention from my parents when I was a kid.. you know.. the whole middle child syndrome thing. Hehehehe.

Anyway..before I was married I would pose this question to my mom everyday

" Sayang Anis tak???"

And she would have a standard reply of "yes" everytime. Although sometimes it would go " Apekene awak ni" .. hehehehe

And then when I got married.. It was posed to dear hubs too..almost everyday... and slightly (only slightly) less to my mom.. kekeke ( How insecure can u get???)

And when I had Azalia and she started talking.. I posed the same question to Azalia.

Ok.. the point of the story is.. The other day I asked Azalia

Me: Sayang mak tak?
Azalia: Sayang..sayang. Mak tiap2 hari pun mak tanya. Tiap2 hari pun Alia sayang. Mak cukuplah k. Tak yah tanya dah. Ni last Alia cakap k.

UWAAAA baru 2 years ( I think I started asking her when she was 2+) tanya dah bosan dah... HUHUHUHU.