Sunday, December 6, 2009

Look at me!! look at me!!!

Azalia always had 100% attention from her grandparent ever since birth. Of course this was because she was the one and only grandchild until the birth of my nephew about 4 months ago. Everytime he would come to visit, Azalia would be overjoyed but this joy quickly turn into a competition in getting that 100% attention from her grandparents back. Of course they would dote on the new addition endlessly since he is not staying with us and comes for a visit only 2-3 hours once a week.

At first Azalia would play with him along with the grandparents, but after awhile.. she would be bored since the boy can't even roll yet so she would want to play other things. But since the grandparents are still not bored with the baby, she would insist the baby goes to "mama dier" and would make gestures to pick the baby up and give it to the mother.

I find that the only thing that works here to avoid hostility towards the baby is for someone e1se to give her the attention she needs. Of course at first she resist because she wants the attention from grandpaw and grandma.. but one must not lose hope. Sooner or later she'll realise that resistance is futile. HEHEHE.

But of course kengkdg mak nye pun nak main dgn baby so sometimes she has no choice but to learn to share.

Aaahhh sharing... teaching that is a whole other entry on it's own but I think we're nearly there.

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