Monday, December 7, 2009

Azalia's firsts

I might need this for future reference(a.k.a another kid or two)

So here goes.. on top of my head

First smile - about 2 mths
First word - abah, about 8 months
First crawl - about 6-7 months
First rollover - about 3-4 months
First step (belum jln lagi) - about 9mths
First walk (no assitance)- about 10 months
First food - 6 months
First tooth(actually 2 teeth popped at once) - about 5 months
Developed an affection towards her security blanket - 1 year
Starts sucking her fingers - 4-5 months
Know her ABCs,123s - 1.5-2years
Know her Alif Ba Ta's - 2+ years (hehe ini mak dier lmbt introduce..oops)
Can say Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and recite doa tidur fully!!! - 2.5 years
Starts talking.. A LOT - 2 years
Developed an affection towards animals = 1.5 years
Starts potty training - 2 years - still in progress
Start being cheeky - 2 years

Will add as more is being explored and as and when I remember them. HAHAHAHA

YEAY!!!! my Azalia is 2.5years old this month!!!!!!!!

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