Tuesday, September 28, 2010

French Macaroons (Macarons) @ Babycakes G Tower

pics from eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com

They are heavenly and for RM2.20-RM2.50 a piece I don't think its too much considering the ingredients, effort and skill to produce these babies. And having them just next to my office building is just awesome because whenever I crave for something sweet I could just drop by and pop them in my mouth. Bliss..

pics from eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com

My favourite is the salted caramel and bitter chocolate. And the red velvet for me has just the right amount of cheese and sweetness. The Green Tea was an acquired taste. I liked it but my friend didn't. I find the crunchiness of the casing was just nice and made even better because they kept it in a chiller instead of room temperature. The fillings were thicker than the average macarons but that's not something I'am complaining about because they are just delightful. Although appearance wise it's not the perfect macaron (read: perfect dome and foot) but it reminded me of the large macarons I once had at Paul's in London. Plus the size is larger than the ones at Whisk.

All I can say is it's a must try for macaron lovers. If you want to give it as gift or hantaran even(so pretty as hantaran!!!) they come in a lovely black box of 8 or 15.

p.s: I've tried the ones at Whisk but the filling is much too sweet for my liking.. But that's just me.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

I wish I'm in Kuching this year because Eid in KL is so quiet. When I didn't have Azalia, I didn't mind so much, but with her around, I wish that I can give her the havocness of Eid every year. Due to the number of relatives I have there.. its havoc heaven. Why lar abah dun want to raya in Kuching this year.

I have a feeling its because Mak Nek is no longer around and also since my maternal grandparents are here he feels we should spend Eid with them. Well.. that's what I think.Although he says its because our relatives are coming here the week after Eid for my cousin's wedding. Not the same lah Abah.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and relatives in KL too.. its just that I wish we have more kids around. Normally we would have Adam and family, but since its their turn to raya in JB, and Aariff and family will be off to Perth on second day of raya so..Azalia will be the only kid running around the house this Raya.

Oh well.. I need to get my Eid spirits up.. so again.. TO EVERYONE....EID MUBARAK

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Freshly baked Samperit... I like....

This raya I've decided no more biskut tunjuk2. I'm sick of buying cookies which turns out to be a disappointment. And by cookies I just mean 1. Samperit. My absolute favourite. The best was my late grandmother's Samperit. I miss her. I miss the biscuits she used to make. Its been ages since I've tasted her Samperit or others that taste similar to hers.

So I decided to try making one. Got the recipe from mat gebu. But I've decided to make it into a rectangular instead of a flower. I prefer it in that shape.

It turned out great. I was sooo happy!!! Got my dad's stamp of approval too. It wasn't exactly like my grandmother's but it's almost the same. I seriously recommend those who attempt to make Samperit to try this recipe because it's to die for. It really does melt in your mouth.

p.s: Azalia helped out in the mixing and shaping of the dough. She was in charge of cutting the dough when I've squeezed it out of the cookie shaper? Anyways... after maybe about 2 trays, she said " Dahlah mak. Alia bosan ah" APEKAH??!!! And she just left me with dozens more to go. Ape laaa...

But she loved the cookies too since it's not too sweet. Anak ku tak suka manis2. Favourtie drink pun air kosong. Tapi kaki gula2 and chocolate. Bende lain manis tak suka. Ada pelik? Memang ada sikit pelik.

Next up... Checkerboard cookies. Also can't find good ones out there. But it's such a hassle to make. I've left the dough in the chiller for 2 days now.. alamak. Hope it's still good. If not have to start all over again.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MPH Warehouse Sale - the verdict

We had a blast. Azalia and I. We were there around 9.30 only to realise it was at 10am (silly me) luckily ada playground so Azalia had a good 20 minutes of play time. Once the door opened..all system go.

We went straight to the RM5 pile (Cakap we mcm Azalia tau je what's happening, when in fact she went all excited when she saw the playhouse Disney's, Princess' and Ben 10's magazines that I had to pull her away because the sale was not good enough there).

I told her where to search for her books (in the boxes underneath the bins because there are good finds there) and we found loads of activity books for Azalia at the price of RM5 and under. We even found Angelina tin set for RM5, some Stories from Quran for kids which usually cost us RM19.90 outside but only freaking RM5 there. We had lots of fun and Azalia was a good sport (I think because she got to buy almost everything she chucked in the basket)

I bought myself a book titled " Why men can only do one thing, and women never stop talking". The title was funny and it was only RM3 so I thought why not. hehehe. A Jeffrey Archer book (LOVE IT!!) and althought I wished I could be there longer but it was getting crowded and we already spent nearly 2 hrs in there so it was time to go.

To Azalia, you've showed me you can handle the crowds at warehouse sales (the first time was at Diethelm warehouse sale) so from now on you will be my partner in crime..heheh your father will be so pleased he doesn't have to follow me around anymore. HAHHAHAAHAH.

Overall.. the sale in my opinion was good because I love books. Most items were on 30% sale. There were some new titles also on sale. Kids books are so worth it. Don't be scared to rummage through the RM2 and above bins. Be early and you'll get better air circulation in the hall. Cashiers are a plenty and they accept credit card. In total I spent RM163 for 25 books. Hehehehe... best best. Told Asa to remind me not to buy books anymore but he said when did that ever stopped me... :p.