Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mak nak ubat?

I'm not well.It's almost a week already

Azalia wants me to play with her but I can't.

When she saw me coughing non-stop, she finally stopped whining and said

"Mak.. kalau mak nak makan ubat nanti Alia amik ok. Mak rest saja"

and off she goes playing on her own.

Aaaahhhhh I'm so blessed to have u Alia.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Al-fatihah and 3 Qul.

I noticed early on what good memory Azalia has and how she picks up songs easily... so I've decided to teach her to memorise some short surahs ever since she was 2.

We started with Al-Fatihah and we would routinely recite Al-Fatihah before we got to sleep. A few months later she could already recite them by heart although her pronounciations still need work. Then I decided to move on to the 3 Qul. We would recite one of the 3 qul each night along with Al-Fatihah and syukur alhamdulillah she can recite them by heart at the age of 4.

I am glad I thought her to recite these surah by memory because when my arwah Tok Wan was on his death bed and the adults were reading the quran and reciting yassin... Azalia came to me and wanted to do the same too. I told her to recite Al-Fatihah and she did and I could see as she was reciting them with all her heart, my grandfather tried his hardest to look at her. And then.. looking at everyone holding and reading the Quran.. she insisted on taking out her Muqaddam and started to read the arabic letters...and I found it heartwarming to see this girl reading on top of her lungs.. hoping it would help her great grandfather.

I guess she's ready to start learning how to read the Quran.

What's your child's talent

Was researching for teaching materials for both ALIMKids and Azalia.

Anyway I found this quiz and have to say it helps in identify Azalia's interest.

Try it!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of books and Stories

Azalia and I have a routine. Before she sleeps I will either read her a story or tell her one. She always tries to get the most of books or stories. She would negotiate with me to have up to 5 either books or stories. I always try to bring the number down because either I was too tired or it was already late. So if she were on her best behaviour and I was very happy with her that day she would have a 3 of either books or stories.

Azalia is not someone who easily goes to sleep. When other kids are tired, they would slow down and let themselves fall asleep, she does the opposite. She gets really hyper and more active than normal. So it caught me by surprise when she actually negotiated with me that if she goes to sleep early can she actually get more books and stories. Of course I said yes. I was more than happy to obliged.

So what books do I read to her and what stories do I tell her? I usually let her pick the books. But I say no to the long ones. She tends to ask me to read the same book over and over again. It gets a little dull after awhile. When that happens I ask her to choose a different one. Sometimes she would agree, sometimes she insists on the book she wants.

And stories... mostly are made up. Sometimes I would re-tell the stories she read but I prefer the made up ones because she can tell when I forget the storyline of the ones we read. So she would always interrupt me. Of course, after awhile, she can remember the made up ones, and would point out if I miss any storyline.

I love this routine but of course there are times when I just want to sleep.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We were here first.

I am tempted to be in hibernation and hiding lately.Yep.. mood swing is at its worst. Asa's in Manila for work for a week and I'm supposed to go with him but due to certain circumstances.. can't. Although I've bought the tics. Oh well...

Anyway... found this book

at Bookxcess(love the prices!!!!) and it definitely provided me the comic relief I need in being a mother of a very very active 4 year old. I've always loved their comic strips even when I wasn't a mother. But after being one.. it all just makes sense.

Recommended to all mothers with sense of humour.