Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 is 10 bahagi 2

Its our 5th wedding anniversary today and we forgot about it.. HAHAHA

I only remembered around 11am this morning. Gave him call and wished him. His response.. "Ye ke hari ni anniversary kite. Tarikh hari ni berapa?? ooo a'ahlah. So nak buka puasa dekat luar ke?

Unfortunately I'm not feeling well sooo... no special dinner because it's just not worth it if I can't hold it in. another 5 years and more. Amin.

Must make Azalia wish us happy anniversary today.

I'm reluctant to tell my mother that it's my anniversary because it'll just remind her of the fact that her favourite aunt passed away a week after our wedding. She was my favourite grandaunt too.


MPH Merdeka Sale

Received an SMS

Event: MPH Merdeka Sale
Date: 30/08/2010 - 05/09/2010
Location: Dewan D'Kelana, PJ

Discounts up to 70%

RM10 MPH voucher for every RM200 spent and many more for CIMB Bank credit cards.

From previous experience, the MPH sale are usually worth it. At least for kids books because I usually borong kids books during these sales.

Go check it out!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lara's Place - Baby Ballet

Saturday was Azalia's baby ballet class. We had it at Lara's Place. It was near the house so very very convenient. It was at 8.45am and as I had expected Azalia was moody that morning due to lack of sleep. That was my fault. I came back late from dinner with the girls and she waited up for me.

Anyway.. she was a bit clingy.. which was also expected but did what the teacher told her to. There were 3 other girls in her class. I thing they are around 4-5 years old. She needed a bit of a push and she wanted me to be with her all the time but I think she followed directions ok. That is until another teacher came in and suggested that maybe I wanted to wait outside so that she won't be too clingy.

That was a huge mistake. She heard and started crying. Like really bad like I was going to leave her and never come back. Tried to console her but to no avail. She kept on saying she wanted to go back. But when I asked if she wanted to do ballet she said yes but she wants to go home and she's sleepy. Hmmphhh.... after maybe 15mins of trying to console her finally she was ok and was half willingly to join the class. But then it has already finished.

But I signed her up for a month anyway because she seemed interested.

Have to make sure she sleeps early every friday night now.

The fees?

Trial class - RM10
Ad-hoc class - RM30pw
Class-monthly- RM80
Reg.Fee - RM20

P.s: heard from another mother talking about the teacher how her 4 year old daughter had a short attention span and even in mandarin class can't seem to stay put. I was like whooaaahhh 4 yo and already in mandarin class. But isn't it normal for kids to not be able to stay put for an hour at 4 yo?

Just wondering.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ill in Perth

When in Perth, Azalia was diagnosed by the doctor as having a 'tummy virus'.

Yes we actually went to a clinic there because she was vomitting quite frequently and couldn't hold anything in. That diagnose cost us $80(no medication given but it was worth knowing she would be alright)

A day before we went, she was down with fever. But she was ok on the day we left. The next day she was alright, playing at the beach and all but that evening she started vomitting. At first I thought it was gas because she didn't have a high temperature but it turned out to be more than that when she even couldn't hold her milk in. All she could take was water. She vomitted a few times that night and even she she slept she would wake up suddenly and vomit. We went to the emergency room at the nearby hopital but they said we had to go to the children's hospital because they didn't treat children there.

We waited till morning to see her progress, and while Asa went to pick up the car, I called their healthcare line and after telling the nurse all of her symptoms they suggested I go to a nearby private clinic. It was so bloody near that I just walked there with Azalia and didn't wait for Asa. Turned out she had a tummy virus or better known as stomach flu. Or in medical terms, gastroenteritis. The doctor didn't give any medication (which I expected because when mum said australian doctors wouldn't really give any medication to young kids unless its really2 necessary) and advised me to just keep giving her water and she'll be feeling better later that night.

We were soooo relieved.

we went out to Fremantle later that afternoon because the doctor said all she needs is a lot of rest and since we'll be driving and she'll be in her stroller the whole time we're there we thought it'll be ok to get her out and have some fresh air and rest at the same time. The ride was only about 30mins and Azalia slept through it. We had a good time at the markets and Azalia just slept in her stroller. I brought a few plastic bags for her to vomit in. We used 3.

When we got back I made some soup just in case she wants to eat later that night. She looked better but suddenly she had a temperature. So I put a suppository panadol up her a$$ and let her rest. Luckily we brought Asa's laptop and her barney cds so she spent the whole time watching that. I could see the improvement from the night before. She slept and I stayed awake and watch TV. It was only around 8pm. Asa went to a BBQ at his brother's friend's place. I insist that he went because they've been so nice to invite us. Plus he could bring me something to eat. hehe.

Around 10pm Azalia woke up and her temperature's gone. She called out to me and asked for some noodle and soup. I quickly made her some and was so happy to see her slurping away. It wasn't much but she didn't vomit them out so that's good news!!!.

Next morning Azalia woke up with her usual "maaakkk bangun" And I was delighted. She even uttered an "ok, fine" which indicates that she's back to her usual self. I quickly gave her some rice and soup before we went out and she happily at them.. aaahhh all is well again.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Her name

Azalia can spell her name about a week ago.

It first started with


then progresses to


Then it improved to


Finally she got it right


Friday, August 20, 2010

How do u beat that??

I've read a lot of articles on how we should rationalise and explain to our child/ren on what theyshould or shouldn't do. We shouldn't just say no to this and no to that without any explanation because ...well.. I can't remember the reasons... its suppose to be good for them.

Anyway...What do you do if you have a child/ren who when you try to tell them the reason for not doing something... it backfires. You see... with child/ren, when they want something, they'll give bucketload of reasons to do it and they just won't accept your reason NOT to do it. That is why... sometimes you just have to say... BECAUSE I SAID SO. Yes it's in capital letters because I imagine it being used when the mother is at her wit's end.

An example of my own situation with Azalia

Azalia was in her carseat and rolled down the window while I was driving.

Me: Azalia, tutup tingkap

Azalia: Tak nak. Azalia nak angin. best.. weeeee!!!

Me: Azalia tutup pls. Dangerous.

Azalia: Kenapa dangerous mak?

Me: Because nanti ada car lain lalu, and you put your head or hand out nanti kene.

Azalia: Alia tak letak dekat luar lah. Alia rasa angin je lah. Car pun takde. (we were the only car on the street)

Me: Mak drive laju ni nanti angin kuat Alia terkeluar nanti.

Silence for a moment. then a seconds later.

Azalia: Mak, Alia tak terkeluar lah. Alia pakai seatbelt. Kalau Alia tak pakai seatbelt baru Alia terkeluar... Apelah Mak ni. Tak tau pulak (yes she says tak tau pulak often)

Me: Tutup je lah.

Azalia... Hmmppphhhh *grunts*

Now.....this is just one out of many occasions where Azalia would non-stop giving me excuses for doing things I tell her not to. Guess what the last sentence usually are... Just do what I tell you to.


Washing dishes

I just want to record this moment. I have it on video. What moment? The moment when Azalia, at 3 years old, excitedly helped me wash the dishes after we break fast. I want to record it and show it to her when she's older and whining how she doesn't like to wash the dishes.

I want her to remember how excited she was and how happy I was when she helped me the first time. But most importantly I want her to know how proud I am that at 3 she voluntereed to help me with the dishes.

And also to remind her if she can be responsible at 3 why not when she's 13 or even 23. hehehe..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


At 3 years and 3 months, Azalia has memorised her Al-Fatihah.This was a pleasant surprise. She could recite it half way before but about 2 weeks ago I noticed her reciting it all the way. I've been reciting it to her before we go to bed ever since she was a baby and I guess that's where she picked it up. Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Azalia's current obsession interest is Ultraman Cosmos and Princesses. Thank God the princesses are there alhtough Ultraman Cosmos takes precedent everytime.She now has a princess school bag and pink ultraman water bottle. Nasib baik pink. At least her girly interest is still there. Current favourite colour is Black, White, Pink and Purple. She said it herself.

Since its Ramadhan, I've been trying to teach Azalia about fasting.. but she keeps on responding to it like this.

Me: Sekarang Ramadhan, bulan puasa. Semua pun puasa. tak boleh makan and minum ok.

Azalia: Alia tak puasa sebab Alia Ultraman. Ultraman tak puasa.

Pulak dah.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Our holiday was great despite a few hiccups. But hey... travelling with a 3 year old there's bound to be a few hiccups here and there.

Our biggest hiccup was Azalia getting ill from the evening of the 2nd day till the whole of next day. She was puking almost every few hours and couldn't eat anything. Everything that goes in she'll vomit them out almost immediately. We even brought her to the doctor to make sure everything was alright and he said she got a little tummy virus and it would be gone later that evening. True enough the morning of the of the 4th day she was all cheerful and we were so happy tu hear her being so noisy that morning.

Overall it was fun and 6 days is just not enough (2 were travelling days so we actually only had 4 days and everything closes at 5pm and it gets dark at 5.45pm)

I had a glimpse of a dolphin's tail at the harbour in Harbour Park (I think that's the name) but I wished I could have gone to Rockingham and fed wild dolphins. (It's closed during winter)

We shopped and I went slighlty over budget because of a purchase that I just had to made because it's really pretty. hehehe.

Perth is definitely a place I would come back to for a holiday because of its people, its laid back attitude and its attractions. We did not have time to see all of Western Australia so we definitely will come back. Plus.. its only 5-6hours flight and there's no jet lag so.. why not?? hehehehe

So here's what we did and the list of the places that we got to visit. I wished we had more time to spend on each place.

Day 1: Arrival - dinner at Taka on Barrack St.They serve Japanese and the Sushi was fresh and delish.

Day 2: Caught a train and bus to AQWA. Had fish and chips for lunch by the beach and Azalia played with the sand. hooray!! sand phobia gone. Maybe because the beach was clean. Evening - Azalia started not feeling well.

Day 3: Morning to clinic. Noon to fremantle by car (doctor said it was ok) and we spent the whole day in Fremantle markets and wanted to have dinner at the famous fish and chip joint, Cicerellos by the harbour but it was cold and Azalia was still not feeling well so we packed some for dinner and went back.

Day 4: Azalia is feeling much better!!! Off to Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park, Swan Valley to see Kangaroos, Wombat, Koalas and Wallabies. Great place!!! After that to Margaret River Choc Factory for some chocs

Day 5: Shopping day. Woke up late (so we didn't have time to go to Kings Park..boohoo). Went to Harbour Town Factory Outlet and borong Rubi shoes for myself, my sister and Azalia. Walked to the Swan River at night and took pictures of the city lights and the Bell Tower.

Day 6: Souvenior shopping day and off to the airport around noon.Sob Sob.

Now I'm back at work and feeling miserable.. Sigh... its the holiday blues.

P.S: Happy Ramadhan everyone. Do not over feed yourself during Iftar K.