Saturday, January 22, 2011

Funny story..

After months of nagging from my mother and aunt (who I think is nagging me abt this because she is already pregnant with her 5th child while I'm still at I finally made an appointment to see a fertility specialist.

It was just across the street that I worked, so I thought.. why not. Since it's a fertility consultation the company's not paying for it. I asked a friend who's been to one and she said the cost for her 1st visit was around RM200 so.. I brought RM200. I thought if its more than that I could just charge it. Turns out.. it was RM420. Sure the consultation and scan was RM200. But he diagnosed me after the scan and a blood test was needed to confirm hence the extra RM200. I was horrified that they didn't accept card, only cash or cheque. So.. I told them to hold the RM200 while I went to the ATM to withdraw some more cash.. MALU!!!..hehehehe. tu lah dah biasa sangat pergi clinic FOC terus tatau nak budget nak bawak berapa.

Next trip confirm bwk cheque book.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To give or not to give

Yesterday, Azalia asked me for more books. I decided to take this opportunity to teach her about the less fortunates.. So I replied to her that there are kids who don't have books.

Azalia: Kenapa mak dia tak belikan

Me: Sebab mak dia tak de duit untuk belikan. Alia kesian tak?

Azalia: nanti dier nak book Alia

Me: Takpelah.. Alia kan banyak book, kasi dier book Alia yang Alia tak selalu baca.

Azalia: Tak nak.. Alia suka semua book Alia. (pause). Mak, belikan budak tu buku barulah

Me: Ahh?? Ok.. kalau kita beli buku baru untuk budak tu Alia tak ada buku baru tau.

Azalia: Ok. (pause)(thinking) Mak budak tu nak satu buku ke banyak buku.

Me: Ntah lah

Azalia: Belikan dia banyak buku mcm Alia ok.

Me: Errr....

Azalia: Mak dia ada toy tak. Jangan bagi toy Alia. Beli dia toy baru. OK mak

Me: Erhhh..

Azalia: Mak.. mana abah dia mak

Me: Ada kot.. Tapi abah dia pun tak cukup duit

Azalia: Mak .. nama dia sapa mak

Me: Mak tak tau lagi

Azalia: Mak.. bila kita nak pegi jumpa budak tu mak..

Erk.... nak berkenalan lah pula.

Asa saved me from further interrogation by saying he'll bring her to see the kids one day.

Hmmm... Looks like I didn't succeed in asking her to impart some of her things to the less fortunate, but I guess its a good thing she wants to give them stuff?? But my objective was for her to give.. not her telling me to give... Erk..

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sometime ago.. I asked Asa what he wanted for his birthday. He said he wanted a surprise. I told him his surprise would be whether he gets a gift from me or not. hehehe.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The 1 week mark

1. Morning cries - still there but improving.

2. Stops crying when classes start

3. Has started playing with other kids while waiting for me to pick her up.

4. Wore her school uniform - but with her t-shirt on top.

5. Know some of her schoolmate's name. Made a friend.

6. Shared her friend's food. Didn't share hers because she said they didn't want hers. Fair enough.

Since Azalia is a picky eater, I prepared her a snack box for her snack time instead of depending on the school's prepared snack. I would usually put 2 boiled sausages, 1 piece of bread with spread, and a few oreos or biscuits she likes. I will have to include some grapes later so that she'll have some fruits during snack time. Currently she almost always finish all her snacks so that's good news.

The other day she said she learned chinese (mandarin), played with the computer and she loves story time. Today she's going to have swimming class. I look forward to hearing what she has to say about it. All in all, my stress level is still there(due to the morning cries) but is decreasing, I could see she enjoys school, but is still cranky and clingy in the morning. Today will be my last day of picking her up, so I'm a bit anxious to see how she is when my aunt picks her up. Overall there's good progress.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Azalia's 4th day kindy

Bangun2 dah nanges.

Seriously.. this can't happen every morning. She kept saying "please mak.. tak nak pergi school mak, please mummy.. ok mummy?" etc etc.

Of course she has to go, so bathe her, this time she doesn't want to wear her uniform..ok fine.. and off we went to school. Left her with her screaming at me not to go. Huhuh it was heartbreaking but it's a stage she has to go through. She likes going to school, but she wants me to be with her all the way. How laa??

Anyway.. I've decided to pick her up this whole week instead of asking my aunt to do it. So today, when I picked her up she looked tired. But she wasn't crying. She was talking to a kid and her teacher. She was all smiles when she saw me and said

"Mak tadikan Alia nangis. Tapi sikit je"

Erkk.. that's what you called sikit.

Than she said she shared food with her friend. She also finished her bekal and told me they sang ABCs count 123s etc etc. She was all clingy in the car. She won't let go of my hand, kept on kissing it and caressing it on her cheek. She kept on saying "Sayang mak, Alia suka mak amik". Aiseh budak ni. Nak amik hati lah tu.

Anyway I asked her about school and whether she played at the playground, she said.. "teacher said it's hot today" .She seems ok everytime I pick her up. But she's still not getting used to the idea of me just leaving her in school. Hence the crying I suppose.

Sigh.. looks like it'll take awhile.

I am on a emotional roller coaster with this one.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Azalia's 3rd day at kindy

She woke up today and started crying saying she doesn't want to go to school.

O...M....G... God please give me strength.

I stayed mum, went to the kitchen to prepare her snack/breakfast for school and let her cry her eyes out. When she saw me ignoring her, she went down to the kitchen and followed me around. Than I told her to go take her bath she starts bawling again.

So I just changed her into her uniform and once both of us got ready, we went of, with her still crying in the car.

This time I sent her to class. She struggled and screamed and kept repeating school is not fun and she doesn't want to. "Please mummy, Alia nak duduk rumah nek wan. Please mummy I don't want to go. Alia takot Alia takot. Alia tak nak, Alia tak nak."

Ok.. seriously.. that broke my heart but I can't cry in front of the teachers right.

So I tore her away from me, kissed her on the cheek and firmly said I'll be outside till its time to go back. And that's what I did. I didn't dare peep through the window for fear that she won't stop crying. But I did went to the back of the class and tried to eavesdrop through the window. After about 10-15 mins, she stopped crying and I could here her talking about her books, cds and ultraman with the teacher. One mother who was peeping to see her son, told me that during snack time Azalia is walking around with her bread in her hands. That gave me some relief.

Than, before classes ended, there's a mini assembly and the teachers told us to go back so that the kids won't see us. I peeped and saw Azalia crying as she went out of the class in a line. I think she must have cried when she saw I'm not outside. Than she saw me and her crying got worse and she struggled to get away from the teacher to get to me. I told her to go to the assembly and she pouted, crossed her arms. And I just ignored her and went along with the teachers as they sang and danced. Yeah the assembly is a singing and dancing session with the all the students.

When school finally ended, suddenly Azalia stopped crying and was all smiles. Sigh. At least this time I know she gets along with the teachers. Siap cerita pasal ultraman. OKlah tu kot.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Azalia's 2nd day

So I came to pick her up today and saw her sleeping on one of the teacher's lap, with fingers in her mouth and blankie in the other hand.

The teacher said she didn't want to go inside the classroom today and wanted to stay outside. When the teacher asked how to stop her from crying, Azalia answered "bukaklah beg tu, dalam tu ada blankie". Apparently she stopped crying when she got her blankie but she still refused to go into the class. Than she took of her socks. Itchy she said. Than she told the teacher she's tired. Around 9.30am she slept. The teacher had to hold her for a whole hour as she slept on her lap. OMG.

I woke her up and she smiled. Glad I'm back I suppose. She said tomorrow she wants me to go to school with her. Sigh.. I guess its not over yet.

Azalia's first day at kindy

So yesterday was her first day.

Days before, I tried to prepare her for school by telling her what to expect, like what she's going to do at school, I'm not going to be there with her..etc etc.

Asa thinks I shouldn't have. It would scare her he says. He thinks it would be better to give her the shock treatment. I disagreed. My first day experience was horrific. I cried and screamed and climbed up my father's back and pulled his hair when he and my mom tried to make me come down. Yes.. I was overly dramatic. I can't remember when I calmed down.. but by the second day I was ecstatic to go to school. I didn't have trouble making friends the first day after I stopped sobbing. And my parents.. they just left me after they got me off my father's back that first day. My brother cried too. But not as bad. My sister.. she's the calmest. She was as cool as a cucumber on her first day. She even felt weird that my mom was peeking through the window to see her.

I don't want Azalia to be as bad as me on her 1st day. Hence the prep. But she still cried. Not as bad as me. The teacher told us we can stay that day to ease her into it.I was not the only parent there so that comforted me. But the others didn't cry when their parents were there. Azalia did for awhile. Because she knows her mummy. She knows I will slip out the minute she gets her eyes on me.. alamak.. distrust with her own mother.. (am I a bad mother??). Or maybe she just very suspicious.. like me.. hehe.

But we eventually stayed in the class throughout the first day. I did slip out and stayed outside once.. when she was singing and occupied. Than I heard her cry. So I went in and told her I'm still there. She stopped but I can see that she's mad at me for leaving her.. aiyoyo. She enjoyed school while we were there. She had fun she said. She even volunteered to sing in front of the class. And she said she wants to come again. But when I told her last night that today I won't be with her at school, she didn't want to go anymore. "School's not fun" she kept on repeating in a sing song way.

She cried in the car when she saw the school. But she didn't struggle to get away when the teacher led her to class. One of the teachers told me its better if I just leave. She'll be ok they said.

So I left. And here I am.. writing this down.

Truth be told... this experience is nerve wrecking to me too. It's making me questioning my parenting skills. Why is my child crying to go to school??!!! But I'm consoling myself saying its normal. That some kids.. however you prep her will still cry when she goes to school. She'll be ok. I was ok and I was 10x worse. Going to school is a natural process and I shouldn't feel bad about it. Apelah mak dia sorang ni. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A big leap : PLAYGROUP IN PJ !!

I've decided to take the leap and open ALIMKids playgroup. My daughter and I have been attending the playgroup for a year and after seeing how it has benefited her, and me too, I've decided to open one myself in PJ. Please help me spread the word. Details of the playgroup are as below:

Suitable for : kids age 2-4 years old (1+yo pun boleh)
Location: Momslittleones, PJ. Section 16, No.4 Lorong Universiti 4, Petaling Jaya (Behind MSC Motorcylces, same row as Pusat Asasi UIA)
Classes: Every Saturday, 11.30am - 12.30 pm
Max per playgroup : 10 kids.

Payment details:
Registration (one time only) - RM100 (you'll get a t-shirt and this is for materials to be used for the whole 8 modules)
Per module - RM200 (There's 8 classes per module so that's about RM100 per month!!)
Trial class - RM25. (one time per child only)

We are going to have a Preview Day / Open Day on Saturday, 29.01.2011 (11.30am-12.30pm). On the day I will explain what is available for the kids on the playgroup and we'll have some sample activities of what we will do during the playgroup.

First class will be on 12 February 2010.

Even if your kids are not yet 2, do come to the preview to see what the program is all about. To register you can register with me by phone, email or on the preview day itself.Details are here. Trial classes will only be available once the classes have started (ie, 13 February onwards)

Spread the word!!

For further details you can check out