Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making friends

Ooh I did make this one project during studying period.. (heheh) It's fun, easy and cheap!! well that is if you already have a colour printer. If not you can print black and white and you and your child can colour them.

Anyway.. It's PAPER DOLLS!!!

Printed them out from this making friends website. Loads of dolls, clothes,hair and accessories to choose from. Really fun!! We printed them out, glued several dolls on a cardboard and then play mix and match the clothes and accessories, glued them all together and there you, a complete paper doll!!

Azalia certainly had fun choosing who wears what and even named them and also she gets to play with glue. Scissors is of course a no no and only mummy gets to use them. This is certainly a project that can be done anytime.

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