Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Listen to the world and take that leap.

How I Met Your Mother, Season 4

Lily: Ted, why do u even want it(to be an architect)

Ted: Because I have to be an architect, that's the plan.

Lily: Screw the plan. I planned on being a famous painter, Marshall planned on being a environmentalist, Robin planned on being a famous tv presenter, Barney planned on being a violinist. (Background to the show: none of them are what they planned.)

Lili: Look, you can't design your life like a building. It doesn't work that way. You just have to live it and it will design itself.

Ted: So what, I just do nothing?

Lily: No, listen to what the world is telling you to do and take the leap.

Some might say we have to pursue our dreams. Whatever it takes. We should go for it. But sometimes... things doesn't go as planned and we just have to go with it and not dwell on what is not meant to be. That leap might not be towards something that you want but who knows... it might exactly be what you need.

To quote The Rolling Stones,

"You can't always get what you want, But if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what need".

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The potty training. 2nd attempt.

1st day.

Not bad. Alia didn't pee or pooped in her Drypantz. What I did was to bring her to the toilet about every 3 hours and let her pee in the potty. Pooping was a wee bit difficult because although Azalia knows she should poop in the potty but she doesn't want to stop playing so she prefers to poop in the diapers. But when she started to squat I quickly brought her to the potty and yerpss... she pooped in the potty. so yeay!!!.

Night time is a different story though. We had an open house to go to and we went grocery shopping after that so she did pee i think once in her drypantz. And she still pees when she sleeps although she went potty before she goes to sleep so.. I guess diapers are still on at night.

2nd day.

Didn't go as well because we went out at noon. But when we're at home she went potty and didn't do any dirty business in her drypantz so that's good news. But just when we thought she had pooped for the day, she went pooping for the 2nd time in her drypantz. Oh Poo... Need to remind her over and over again that she needs to poo in the potty.

But I guess we're off to a good start. Need to remind Asa to tell the babysitter that she should be potty trained there too.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paragon 202

Asa went surveying new developments around cyber/puchong/seri kembangan area the other day just for fun with his colleague and he found Paragon 202. It's so pretty!!!!.

Those interested can google for the info. All I know is it's a terrace, it's located at Equine park, size 20x70, built up around 1500 something, and the price is around RM290,000. Apparently Asa said the size of the first phase was 18x65 and the price was around RM220,000. It's all sold out now. I wonder if I would have bought this place if I saw it before the one that we bought. No regrets with the one that we bought, for sure.. but the exterior is prettier than ours.Plus it's landed where as ours is a townhouse. But I'm not too sure about the location though. But then again I never thought I would buy a place in Puchong. HAHA.

On another note.. the place that we bought is sold out despite the developer's increase in price!! WOO HOO!!! I don't think I would flip it though. Currently we've decided that we most probably want to rent it out.

First on my to do list is to


I think it's high time that I get serious with potty training that little girl. She's turning 3 in June for goodness sake. Please lah jgn malas mak nye!!! Somehow I was hoping that she would miraculously want to go on her own. Dream on!!!

So the plan is to start this weekend. First thing first, get training pants. Should I get those disposable once or the reusable ones? Then, I have to remember to roll up the carpet because if there's any accident it's easier to wipe the floor than the carpet.

Arghh... my mind is all over the place. Talking about the carpet I suddenly remembered what an eyesore the sofa set in our upstairs living room/Azalia's play area is. I wish I can just throw them away but it's actually my aunt's and mom said I have to ask her first if I want to chuck them out.

Oh btw, I got my period, AGAIN. WTH??!!!! It's only been a week since the last day of my previous period. sheesh. What's happening to me??!!!!

Told Asa and he was like " are you pregnant??!!!"


I so don't want to be pregnant if I'm spotting. Previous experiences have taught me that it is NOT a good sign.

OK.. I think that's all I have in my mind right now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm falling asleep reading my own writings.. sigh.

I find my writings to be rather dull lately. I wonder if I should stop posting my thoughts since I'm not putting much effort in jotting them down lately. Sure a lot of things have happened, are happening and will happen. But currently I'm not really bothered to put them all in writing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Do do

The thing about having an active 2plus year old is you're always thinking of activities for your active child. You want the activities to appeal to the child and also for them to get really active and tired on the way so you can get your weekend rest too.. well at least that's the plan.

Anyway... we've always find things to do for a 3-day weekend. The 2-day weekends are a no brainer but more than that.. we have to put some thought into it. Usually the first day it'll be household chores day. Activities are normally to the playground/swimming pool and at home. The second day we would usually go on an outing, most of the time it's the shopping malls, ie bookstores, kiddy rides, etc. Sometimes to my in-laws. But when we have more than 2 days it's time to put on my thinking cap and think, think, think (to quote tigger, pooh and friends)

The last 3-day weekend we went to Bird Park. Before that it was brunch at Seremban and swimming pool the whole day at Allson Klana Resort with the whole family. Yeah the Yatim clan conquered the whole swimming pool because no one in their right mindh would swim at 2 in the afternoon. So... what about this week??

Well I'm thinking something in KL. I wanted to go to Zoo Melaka and stay there 1 night (WHAT??!! AGAIN!! hey what can I say.. we love the place) but it's a super peak period so that's out of the window. So... my choices are

1. Taman Tasik Titiwangsa - playground and horse ride

2. Zoo Negara

3. Deer Park in Kuala Gandah (ok this is not in KL but it's near so we can make this a day trip!!)

4. Maybe FRIM?? but I think Azalia can't appreciate this yet.

5. Aquaria

6. KLCC park

7. Metropolitan park - playground and KITE!!!!!

Kalau tak mak dgn anak main sorok2 dekat rumah je lah..hahaha

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Never let me go, Kazuo Ishiguro.

Argh... I feel so unsettled after reading this book. The introduction at the back of the book definitely didn't prepare myself for what's inside. The first few chapters seemed pretty normal although there were hints that the story is not what I thought it would be. As the story progresses, I started to connect the dots and I start to see the book in a totally new way. The earlier events that that was narrated in the earlier chapters which seemed insignificant before now makes sense. But still... I'm disturbed by the world that the author has created. I am disturbed by the fact that society creates and destroy so easily for the sake of immortality. I am disturbed by the characters' resignation, their acceptance of their fate.

Those who are curious about what I'm talking about go get the book or if you're not up for it, go wiki the summary. The movie version, starring Keira Knightly, is scheduled to be released this year so maybe you can just wait for that. Am I going to watch it? Maybe.. we'll see. But whatever it is.. the author definitely left an impression on me and the book will linger on my mind for awhile. I'm sure.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We've cancelled our plans to send Azalia to school. I just think the place is not for her. I did however surveyed another school which is closer to home. It's pricier but the teachers are more qualified and the activities are more structured. I'm not expecting Azalia to be taught with no play. Helloo mana boleh lah kan. Budak baru 3 tahun of courselah learning through play. But what I mean by structured is there is a purpose for every activities they do and the kids are properly guided during the activities to ensure the objectives are met. Plus the students to teacher ratio are much less so each students can get more attention from the teachers.

Even though I think we've found a good place for her, we're holding it off another year. To ensure she gets the playtime she needs, I will plan for more activities after work and on weekends. So until next year, Azalia will be home schooled at night and on weekends. hehe.

Monday, February 1, 2010

It wasn't the baby who cried when she began nursery, it was her mother

Before you judge me. Read this.

Anyway, we've decided to send Azalia to nursery school. Huhuhu...I am so anxious about it. I hope she has lots and lots of fun. If she has more fun there then at home.. I'll be glad. Really glad. I just hope she eats and drinks her milk because currently if she has too much fun she won't do either.

Her babysitter (Nek Wan) is also worried about her cucu.

"Kurus lah cucu aku ni" was what she said to us.

Although it was kind of her to not say it out loud when we first told her about it. But as soon(the next day) as we told her we might only send her to the nursery for 3 days a week she immediately suggested we send her everyday for half a day and then back to her the other half of the day so that she can take care of her meals. I so want to do this but the logistics are going to be tough. But Asa suddenly said we can try doing that and I nearly jumped when he said he could pick her up and send her to the babysitter's in the afternoon. Huhuhuhu my hubby's the best!!!

So that's what we're going to do. Azalia will be part of T* Dynamic Kids starting Tuesday. At least half of the day, 5 days a week. For now.