Thursday, February 17, 2011

Princess Cinderella Ultraman Azalia Cosmos.

And that's the long version.

Azalia has resorted to calling herself either

1. Cinderella Ultraman Azalia
2. Princess Ultraman Azalia
3. Ultraman Cinderella Azalia Cosmos

and many more similar word arrangement.

And she has resorted to calling both me and Asa, her parents

Me: Cinderella Mummy/ Cinderella Mak
Asa: Cinderella Abah / Cinderella Daddy.

This is due to her current interest ie, Cinderella. She would switch it on the computer, the ipod touch.. wherever and whenever. She can even sing the songs and memorise some of the scripts.

She said she wants mice, cat, dog and horse because she's Cinderella and Cinderella has to have all these.

She even asked me when she'll meet her prince. She's chosen Unc Eizaz to be her prince because "he's my bestfriend and Alia saaaayang Eizaz".


p.s: Azalia has a habit of telling people everything that we do. The other day she told her teacher at her playgroup that mummy bought her princess t-shirt at pasar malam and we pray to Allah to get baby. OMG. BOCOR RAHSIA KELUARGA!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Nak travel Europe lagi.. please? hehehehe

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's the cold season.

Azalia is a better patient than I am. Both of us are currently down with cough and cold and while mummy is moody and cranky, Azalia is just being herself jumping up and down, running here and there. Well to be fair, she didn't lose her voice and doesn't have a sore throat.

Asa has been lovely taking care the two of us and I especially am grateful for him taking over most things when it comes to Azalia. Honestly I just couldn't be bothered because I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing and that causes my nose and chest to hurt and muscles cramping. I pray to God this will be over soon because I need to get things done. My coughs are worse at night and it is disturbing my sleep.. ARGHHH.

Azalia would sometimes forget that I'm not well and proceed to testing my patience. But as soon as she realises (with help from mummy grunting and ignoring her) she would proceed to bebel mummy to eat ubat ("all 10 mummy I want to see all finish ok", she would say) and tiptoe around me. Of course once she saw me up doing something she assumes I'm all fine and proceed to her usual antics.

I was hoping it would be a lovely long weekend this CNY weekend but boohoo..I just see myself recuperating at home. I'm suppose to be a dulang girl for my bestfriend's wedding but I wonder if I can stop myself from coughing while carrying the dulang. Or worse.. cough on the dulang. Errr better not be carrying food item.

I'm forcing myself to be up and about for work today and also for bestfriend's wedding prep tomorrow. Pray for my health will you?? Thanks.

I soooo need a getaway.

p.s: Read about the ALIMKids PJ preview here.