Friday, October 30, 2009

Old Friends by David Banks Sickels

There are no friends like old friends,
And none so good and true;
We greet them when we meet them,
As roses greet the dew;
No other friends are dearer,
Through born of kindred mold;
And while we prize the new ones,
We treasure more the old.

There are no friends like old friends,
Where'er we dwell or roam,
In lands beyond the ocean,
Or near the bounds of home;
And when they smile to gladden,
Or sometimes frown to guide
We fondly wish those old friends
Were always by our side.

There are no friends like old friends,
To help us with the load
That all must bear who journey
O'er life uneven road;
And when unconquered sorrows
The weary hours invest,
The kindly words of old friends
Are always found the best.

There are no friends like old friends,
To calm our frequent tears,
When shadow fall and deepen
Through life's declining years;
And when our faltering footsteps
Approach the Great Divide,
we'll long to meet the old friends
Who wait the other side.


Does anyone know if it's a musical or a play?

In some papers, I read it's a musical. But in some saying it's a theatre(does this mean it's a play.. I dunno).

Anyone knows??

Cuci the Musical - the review

Cuci was good. Good not great. The acting was good but the singing.... sigh....what can i say they are movie actors not Broadways. But Adibah Noor's singing was good and even Awie sounded good in his duet with her.

Afdlin's voice was a bit shaky in the second half of the show. I guess the stamina is not there. But he did sing quite well in the first few songs.However some songs seems out of place and the choreography mcm tak kene in certain scenes.

But nevertheless it was still enjoyable. Would I recommend it? Well.. if you're looking for a great musical.. don't bother BUT if all you want is a good time the show definitely gives you that. The show definitely made me laugh. A lot. And loud. I think some of my friends were a wee bit embarrassed.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mood Swing Alert!!!

It's one of those days. One minute I'm all cheery and the next grumpy.

And leaving my phone at home when I have to see friends tonight does not help AT ALL!!.

Sucky sucky feeling... ooo so sucky.

Can I binge?? Please let me binge. I want my sister's choc chip cookies. huhuhu.

p.s: Babysitter's age finally caught up with her. I feel guilty having her babysit my daughter. But she takes such good care of her. Maybe it's time to send her to the nursery.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Energy Vampires

They are people who suck the energy out of you. You know... those whiny, never-stop-complaining, demotivator and whose life sole purpose seems to be bringing everybody down with them. Yep.. they are the energy vampires.

I've had my share of encounters with this energy suckers and I used to just distance myself from them. But what if you can't. What if it's the person working next to you and you have to be with them aallll daaayyyy longgggg.

Honesty should be the best tool to get rid of these suckers. Tell them off and even if they don't think there's anything wrong with them, at least they'll stop harassing you.

I did it and of course there's a lil bit of guilt for hurting someone else's feelings. But it was either my feelings or hers and of course I chose mine first.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nothing in particular.

Even though I'm not having a baby anytime soon due to the 2 misses I had this year, thus womb need time to heal etc etc... I still find myself looking for baby names for my future child(ren?) hehehehehe

Sounds a bit sad innit. But I can't help myself. :p

Anyways... people at home are taking turns going outstation. Only the daughter and I are stuck at home. Maybe we should go off galavanting somewhere tonight. Naaaahhhh. Let's just seat back and enjoy the quiet and serene surroundings at home.



It's not the seats that I wanted because GILE CEPAT HABIS THOSE SEATS I WANTS!!.. Danggg!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Setia Alam is sooo far

Had to work last weekend. But not at the no.. at the disaster recovery centre in Bukit Jelutong. First time going there and the map looked so..easy??


Took the wrong turning and ended up into NKVE and straight to Setia Alam 4kms away.


I'm soooo bad with maps.

That was not the worst thing that happened

NOOOO..*geleng kepala*

While trying to figure out the map, I accidentally swerved into the next lane and only realised it when I hear a "screeecchhh!!!". Nasib tak accident. Felt SOOOOO guilty. Sorry sorry. Seriously sorry. huhuhuhu.

Friday, October 23, 2009

To Glee or Not to Glee


I'm currently addicted to the show. Well.. not the whole show. I find the high school drama petty and somewhat annoying (I am old.. I know). But I love the musical performances!!!!!!

The actors are so so talented.

I love musicals.

I wish Malaysia brings in more West End or Broadway musicals. Or even have more of our own. BRING P. RAMLEE THE MUSICAL BACK!!! or at least the soundtrack..sheesh

I have to catch Cuci the Musical. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remember this..always...

There's no point worrying in things you can't control.

Important thing is to usaha, doa, tawakkal.

If things work out..Alhamdulillah.

But if it does not, redha and remember.. Allah knows best.

To market, to market

Having a spouse who works till late at night sucks.

So mother and daughter decided to go out by themselves and spend some mullahs.

To quote daughter "Wow bestlah shopping"

Seriously.. that's what she said.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't know what title I should put

Anyway..... notice how when I'm nearing exams I would re-do my blog.

Talk about procrastinating.

Under construction

Yep...I've closed down the old one but I'm keeping the name.

We'll see how this works out.