Monday, November 30, 2009

My little chatterbox.

I'm making it a habit to have a conversation with Azalia before we go to sleep since that's the only time we give each other 100% attention. Other times, either she's busy with her toys or tv or I'm busy with my chores or tv.. hehe

I just love being able to have conversations with her now.I would ask about her day, what she thought about things she did that day and things she likes or dislikes. It's so interesting to see how this little girl tries to verbalise her thoughts. Sometimes when she doesn't want to answer any more questions she would say

"mak tido.. dah night time. esok ckp. alia ngantuk"

hehe.. my baby girl speaks like a grown up.

I've also noticed that she can recognise words now. She might not know how to spell yet, but at least that's a start.Mom has been reading Glenn Doman's books. She insists I give his techniques a try. Maybe I will. In mom's effort to use Glenn's Doman's techniques in building a child's physical abilities(he also has techniques on reading and maths), she let Azalia loose at the mall the other day. Ape lagi.. the little girl ran like crazy and who was the one chasing her??... my dad.. HAHAHAHAH...

Another funny story, one time, Asa tried to hide Azalia's picture album from her because she kept playing with them, I asked Asa where it is and the little girl was standing between us just waiting for her father to answer me. He answered me in English hoping that Azalia won't understand and before I could budge, she beat me to it and gleefully took the album from its hiding the place. Hampeh betul lah. Doesn't Asa realise that the girl watches Playhouse Disney channel religiously. Of course she understands English. Maybe we should start spelling since she doesn't know that yet.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to everyone.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Run freeeeeeeeee

At one point in my life I actually wanted to aim for the Olympics. The event was 100m. I used to love running. Not jogging.. no no.. I hated jogging. Never had the stamina. I loved sprinting. I loved the speed. I was quite good at it too. Won several medals when I was in KK and Sibu. I had a dedicated coach to train me. I wasn't too good on my own.I needed the encouragement..the support.I never complained how many days in a week my coach wanted me to practice. I loved it. But I didn't have one in KL. That was when I stopped.

I miss it though. I miss practice. I miss the morning breeze rushing through my face as I sped towards the finishing line. When I ran.. nothing mattered. It was exhilarating. The adrenaline pumping through my blood..what a rush. I felt so free. I miss that feeling.

I never really enjoyed other sports as much as sprinting. Too bad I stopped so early. Kind of regretting it actually. But what to do.. I just have to let bygones be bygones.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10pm ramblings

I've been subcontracting babysitting services to my parents due to the fact that I've still got tons to read. Ntah bila ntah nak habis. Well at the pace I'm taking my papers I think it'll be quite a while. HAHAHA.

It's ok.. I've got what 5 years with the company so till then I'm not going nowhere so might as well just take this exams one at atime?? yess?? no??? papojelah.

Hubby's working late AGAIN tonight. He's been coming home around 11pm lately. We haven't even had a decent conversation this week. Just some short phone calls at the office. Azalia's getting used to it. Now whenever we're home, she'll go straight to my parents because both mom and dad would be busy. But I try to make time. At least an hour just playing with her and I still read to her before she sleeps. Yes she sleeps rather late this past few days. Selagi mak nye tak tido anak nye pun join sama. Haha. But never after 12am. No no.. I can't even function well if I sleep later than that (dah tua) ape lagi si kecil tu. She needs her rest if not she'll be either

1. too stubborn or
2. too cheerful. This is fun to watch but she still won't listen to you. She'll just laugh and laugh and laugh at whatever you say.

Oh won't be too long. Just 2 weeks baby!!!! just 2 weeks more!!!!

Responsibility : Your stuff

Came back late monday night. Wasn't in a good mood. Mom told me Alia lost the cover of one of her marker pens. She discarded the pen and said

Alia: Nanti beli baaanyaaakk lagi

Atuk: Alia ada duit ke nak beli??

Alia: Alia takde duit

Atuk: Macam mana nak beli takde duit??

Alia: Mak ade duit. Mak beli lah.

haha..Great. No way I'm letting her think it's as easy as that.

So.. of course I didn't let her get away with it. Told her sternly that there's no way I'm getting her a new one just because she was careless. Insisted that she looked for it (well at least help me look for it). She followed me around the house while I was looking for it. Apparently she lost it because my grandfather made fun of her and she threw it to him. Sigh. (Temper temper.. need to control that. I'm certain she got the temper from me but must teach her to control it. it's still a WIP for me apetah lagi si kecil tu..haha)

After awhile of searching, still didn't manage to find it so found another pen cover and luckily it fits so at least that one pen doesn't go to waste. Azalia was indeed sorry as she looked at me with a sad eye and kept on saying

"sorry mak... sorry mak"

Of course I forgave her but I also confiscated her pens and told her that she can only play it with me around.

Anyway, I bought washable markers because she got interested in playing with my permanent markers and some of her clothes got damaged .I'm hoping that these markers don't stain. Then again if it does, she just have to learn to be more careful with her clothes. How else is she going to learn to take good care of her stuff.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy peasy strawberry sorbet

Stock up on those strawberry the next time you're in Cameron Highlands. Freeze them immediately when you get home and you can enjoy the strawberries for months!!!

Made this for Azalia because she loves ice cream and it's a great way to give her a healthy one.

(for about 1 mug)

1. about half a dozen FROZEN strawberry's
2. about 1 tblspn of honey or less if you prefer it to be less sweet. (to replace sugar)
3. some water (dun make it too watery. Just enough water to make it easier to blend)

Blend all ingredients together and eat before it melts.

If you can't finish it just put what's left back into the freezer to enjoy later.

And it only takes you about 5-10mins to prepare.

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Wii time....

Azalia now plays Wii.

Her favourite much to my dismay is Raving Rabbits. Hampeh ah Asa pergi beli game tuu...

Now whenever she wants to play, she would take out the console and cd casing from the drawer and say

"Mak, nak game rabbit"

If I were to answer

"Mak tak pandai on"

She would take the console, point it to the tv and say

"Mak tekan ni,tunjuk sini,dah on dah"

Haih anak ku.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lagi-lagi sabar

This morning, Azalia was in front of the computer watching my cafeworld.

Me: Alia mandi

Azalia: Tak nak

Me: Alia mandilah

Azalia: Tak nak (adamant tone)

Me: Alia mandi now!! (Stern tone)

Azalia: Sabar mak sabar.. *cheeky face*

Yes kawan-kawan.. what do you say to that???

nevertheless I dragged her lembik body(yes dier sudah pandai melembikkan bdn to make it heavier for me) to the bathroom where she took her barbie and bathe her as well.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Babies, babies and MORE BABIES

4 babies next year!! WOOHOOO!!!

Am so excited that my group of friends are finally having babies!!!!!

Now to plan for their baby showers.. heheheh I got so many ideas all lined up already!!!

Before I wasn't so into planning anything but now that Azalia's all grown up (hehehe poyo je baru 3yo) I have my hands free and time to do my own things. YEAY!!!. Plus I can also involve Azalia in these things. DOUBLE YEAY!!!

But I still want more babies. Production will definitely start once my 6month resting period is over. That means...... MARCH??!!!..aiyak.. lmbtnye lagi!!!!


p.s: Nak check out Isetan YE sale lah.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Money is the root of all evil.

Today is not a good day. I am seeing and hearing too much of what greed can do to good(or so I thought) people around me. You see it in the papers, you see people you don't know getting involved with it but when it happens in front of really effects you.

I think the real test of a person's honesty and integrity is to give them the opportunity to manage money that are not theirs. Then you will see whether they are fair and honest or selfish and just plain greedy.

Today is just not a good day.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Funny conversation

This conversation is funny because
1. She brings her blanket a.k.a blankie everywhere
2. Azalia sucks her fingers (not thumb ok.. fingers.. yes with an s.. her right middle and fourth finger..)
3. She also has a bantal busuk at her babysitter(nek wan)'s place.

We were in the car and I thought I left her blankie. But it was with her, so I decided to just ask her what if I left it.

Me: Alia kalau blankie takde dekat rumah nek wan mcm mana?

Alia: Tak apa.. bantal ade

Me: Kalau bantal takde blankie takde mcm mana?

Alia: Alia nangis lah

Me: Kalau nangis pun takde jugak mcm mana?

Alia: Takpe tangan ade

Me: speechless...

Looks like she won't be giving up sucking her fingers anytime soon.. huahuahua

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cuti cuti malaysia!!!


I have 2 weekend getaway planned for early next year already and it only took me 1 hour??!! HAHAHAHA

We're going here and here.

I'm sooo happy.

Hope everything goes as planned.

All Time Favourite Books

In no particular order

1.The Time Traveler's Wife -Audrey Niffenegger.
2. Flower's for Algernon -Daniel Keyes
3. Shadow Of The Wind - Carlos Ruis Zafon
4. All Jeffrey Archer's Short stories collection
5. The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A very tiring weekend.

I've never done a pedi-mani simply because I think why pay for something I can do myself. Anyway, had my first pedi last Saturday afternoon because it's a girly session with friends and the bride-to-be so why not.. it's for the girls.

Anyway, my feet looked all clean and smooth and the nails are so shiny after that I thought.. ok I guess it's worth the RM65. Then come Saturday evening. In-laws called and said the house banjir, so since I was having dinner with the girls, Asa went back after the water subsided to check out the damage and on Sunday I went to help with the cleaning up. I thought it was just water and maybe some daun or ranting (yes it was my first encounter with a flood so I don't know what to expect) then I saw the mud... WHOAAHHH I not only had my first pedi that weekend but my feet also was treated with a mud bath.. and for FREE TOO!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehhehehe

Yeah... the banjir was quite bad. The water level was knee-high and mud was EVERYWHERE. On the floor, inside the cupboards, it was pretty bad. But thankfully we managed to clean up the floors on Sunday and that took the whole day. There was A LOT OF MUD.

Haih...Malaysia's town planning sucks. They don't really put much thought into the drainage system do they. Kita kan iklim khatulistiwa. Sheesh.

I hope it doesn't happen again. If it does.. please not this bad or worse.

This is really random.

Azalia's sleeping habit has gone haywire ever since Eid. She now sleeps very late in the evening around 4 or 5 whicn means she'll only wake up around maghrib. And that usually means she'll sleep the earliest 10.30pm at night.

But we usually wake her up around 7.45 in the morning just when we're about to leave the house so.... she's getting around 9 hours of sleep at night and 2-3 hours of sleep in the evening so in total it's still more than 10hours sooooo I think we're good.

Azalia has memorised her ABCs and recognised them for quite awhile now. She knows how to count but is still confused when we showed her the numbers. She's only starting to learn Alif Ba Ta and I'm in the process of teaching her to read/spell. I'm quite clueless on the proper way do this but am spending a lot of time reading to her and pointing which words goes with which pictures. She loves her books. Especially her animal books. She loves animals. She knows a lot of them already and I only wish I can bring her to see them more often. Maybe we should have pets. OOooooOOOO Let's have rabbits!!!!! but sape nak jaga??? ngahahahahaha

Cats are a no no due to husband's allergies. Sheeesh. If not, cats would be Puuurrrrfect.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rain rain go away

One of my attempts to teach Azalia to hit less is to teach her to be patient. I would stroke her chest and say "sabar, sabar" everytime she starts to get angry.

The other day we went to the playground and she wanted to go the the other side of the lake. Just as we reached there, it started to drizzle. I told her to run as fast as she can to the car. While running I would say "cepat cepat..nak rain dah"
Half way, she stopped and said

"Mak, Alia penat. Alia tak boleh run. Sabar mak sabar, sabar. "


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Budget

I's a bit late and the excitement has died down but I just have to say this.

BUDGET 2010 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Come on..the RM50 p/a service tax charged to credit card to encourage savings is a lot of bull. Why not charge it to those who do not pay on time or simply just increase the interest rates on CC. People like me only uses the CC for convenience(and the points..hehe)and the RM50 though seems small is still unnecessary.. arghh

And the the re-introduction of the RGPT!! OMG!!! how fickle can the govt get. First, in 2007 you scrap so everyone got excited and invest in properties then when you see a lot of people have bought properties with the intention to sell them you think "oooo I shouldn't let go of this chance to collect something from their gains" so you re-introduce the RGPT.. a bit like leading people on here don't you think. Plus.. what about those who sell because they have to and not for investment purposes.. why not re-introduce the RGPT with a clause that it doesn't apply to those who have held the property for.. let's say.. 10 years.


But to be fair.. let's say hurray to the RM500 tax relief on broadband subscription and RM1000 increase in personal tax relief.

I know time is tough and the government should start increasing their income but shouldn't they decrease their expenditure and wastage too??!!!

Has everyone forgotten the AG's report!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hitting is NOT OK!!

My little girl has developed a habit of hitting people she doesn't like to our dismay.

She doesn't hit just for fun, she hits because these people(adults mainly, she's really good with babies and kids younger than her) are teasing or pinching her which she really hates. I told her to just say no to these people and walk away but she resorts to hitting them after saying no because she noticed that even when she says no they still continue to do it.

She's a kid but she already knows what she likes and she doesn't like and she doesn't like to be touched by people she doesn't know. Hurray for me as it means she won't simply run away with strangers but the hitting... OMG, it can be quite embarassing.

I want her to respect her elders but I also wish her elders can respect her wishes but I know.. people like to tease little kids. Takkan nak marah plak kat org lain kan. I try to explain why she behaves the way she does, and hope that the other party would stop but certain people finds the reaction funny and won't stop. Even my grandfather and aunt does it for fun and now they are on her hate list.

Seriously. I can see the difference between how she treats them compared to my other aunties and uncles. She's a feisty kid and I'm glad that she can defend herself. But she has to learn that there's a line that she cannot cross, there should be some respect even to those you don't like and there should be some self restrain. But she's not even 3 and is it fair to expect someone that age to understand all this?.

This is a work in progress and I have faith that she will learn to understand and stop but for now it's a relief that she doesn't hit her peers or those younger than hers.