Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On Sleep, Auswaya, Koawa and Kangawoo

Arghhhh Azalia's sleeping timetable has gone haywire.

She gets so excited now at her babysitter's (dah besar suka main, and got friends some more untuk main..) that she takes her 'afternoon' nap the earliest 5.30pm!!! SAY WHAT??!!!!

That means she'll wake up around 7-8pm and mestilah mlm tido lmbt!! Even if we get into bed aroun 10pm she'll be tossing and turning because "Alia tak ngantuk lagi lah"


Anyway... I don't know who told her but Alia now says "Abah dekat Australia (actually she pronounce it Auswaya). Mom and I actually said Perth so maybe my dad told her. And Asa called the other day and told her he saw kangaroos and koala and she got all excited and said to me

"Alia nak pegi Auswaya. Nak tengok Kangawooo, koawa. Mak ikut ok. Abah dekat Auswaya. tengok kangawoo..koawa. Alia nak bg makan kangawoo, koawa."

HAHAHA Asa you owe your daughter a trip to Auswaya OK.!!!!

Plus.. Azalia now says she goes shopping at my sister's room because there's loads of interesting stuff there in her and mesti confirm nak bwk keluar dari bilik punya!!. hehehehe

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