Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cornlour Gloop

OMG... I had so much fun doing this!!! and of course Azalia had fun too.

It's soooooo much fun.. and messy but It's sooo worth it.

Ok nampak gayanye mak dier lebih dari anak

Got the recipe online.. buy didn't follow it exactly. Basically all you need is for every 1 cup of Cornflour u add about 0.5 cup of cold water. But 1 cup is not enough to play with so I made about 3 cups.. hehehe.

You don't actually use exactly 0.5cup of water. Just add the water little by little till you get the texture. When properly mixed it should be solid looking but when you put your fingers through it becomes liquid. We loved the texture and just played and played with it. We poured and scooped them with spoons, cups. But the best is to play them with your hands. We even add some colouring to make them more interesting although the colour did stained our hands because we played with them too long.

The kitchen was a mess afterwords but the fun was worth it. Definitely will do this again. Oh to avoid and distraught over ruined clothes (due to the colouring) don't wear good clothes. I took the easy way and let Azalia play with only her pampers on.

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