Friday, December 11, 2009

Sugar cookies project done!!

Cookie project done on 11.12.2009

It was a mixture of failure and success. Purpose of the project is to let Azalia mix and stir and pour and play with flour and the of course the cooking cutting bit.

The failed part
The recipe I used turned out to be sticky. Tried to refrigerate it but I think I need bigger cookie cutters. It still got stuck in small corners of the cookie cutter.

The success part
It was fun getting all messy. The flour is EVERYWHERE!! because I let her do the mixing. In order to have fun, everyone needs to just chill and just say.. "It's just flour" teehee. Cookies turned out to be delish by the way and Azalia loved them. Cookie cutter-ed some of them, shaped some into a ball, and piped them too.


The recipe:
170g butter. softened
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2.5 cup flour
1tspn vanilla extract
0.5tspn salt
1tspn baking powder

Cream butter and sugar, mix in eggs and vanilla. Combine flour,salt and baking powder. Pre-heat 200 degrees celcius, and bake 5-8 minutes (till the sides are golden brown)

We were suppose to decorate them but Azalia ate all the decorations. Sheesh. Maybe next time

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