Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

We started our new year with a family holiday to Swiss Garden Damai Laut, Perak. It was a fun weekend. We even went all the way to Ipoh to visit the petting zoo at The Lost Word Of Tambun (FYI, the place was set against a backdrop of limestone hills and it is just gorgeous!!!)

Anyway.. during the trip we learn a few things.

1. Azalia doesn't like the beach(yet). She doesn't like the feeling of sand under her feet and insisted to be carried on the beach and only played with the sand tools I bought at the swimming pool. Sigh.

2. GPS gets you where you want to go BUT not necessarily the road you want to take.

3. Giant, Manjung, Perak has something malls in KL don't (I think). A remote control car big enough for your kid to sit in. RM3 for 5 minutes. HAHA. Both father and daughter had fun playing with it.

4. My daughter has a problem sharing with people she doesn't know. I'm not quite sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But what I do know, she needs to get her temper in check.

5. Azalia hates a crowded swimming pool. She prefers the bathtub if there's too many kids in the pool. Especially kids who tries to take her ball. I will never forget her coming out of the pool, stomping her feet, hands on her hips and saying "Alia nak balik. Alia tak nak mandi dah. Alia nak tido." and grunts. Only to go back to the room and climbed into the bathtub with her toys and asking for lots and lots of bubbles.

6. Azalia can handle a 4-hours car drive with only 1 stop and was seated in her car seat all the way. Of course, her books, toy laptop and toys were with her to keep her company. And it helps that she slept half way. hehe.

On the last day Azalia had diarrhea but it was manageable. A few puking incident and pooping incident but nothing major. I did worry because she didn't want to take any milk that morning and the little food that she wants to take came out not long after she consumed them. But as soon as we were in the car on our way back, she drank a bottle of milk and later another bottle so that was a relief and she was good all the way back. And her appetite came back just before she went to sleep just now. Thank God.

Overall we had a great weekend. But until Azalia can handle the beach, I think we would be satisfied with a family trip to a hotel with a pool and a zoo nearby. She just loves her animals.

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