Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oh Snniiipppeeeee

Azalia loves the movie UP so much that I bought her a helium balloon sold for RM5 at the pasar malam in Manjung. She chose a parrot(maybe because of the bird in the movie, the boy called it Kevin) and she loved loved loved it.

We brought it back to KL and she put it safely on her bed. Then my cousin came and she was so eager to show it to him she ran out of the door and the door accidently shut and snapped the string of the balloon and it floated up to the ceiling, towards the ceiling fan.

From the horrified look on Azalia's face, you would have thought it was a real bird and was about to be killed by the ceiling fan. Her cries sounded so scared that I quickly ran to the switch to turn it off.

Thankfully the balloon didn't burst otherwise I think Azalia wouldn't sleep so peacefully if she saw her bird burst into pieces.

Anyhoo..I wonder how she would react once the balloon runs out of air. Well at least when that happens, it's still intact.


  1. I can imagine her face but nak tgk 'live' , so CUTE!!!! bahahah

  2. kesian tau klu tgk muka dia!!!