Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Ballet.

When Azalia was born, Mom told me she wants her to enter ballet class.

"It'll be good for her posture" she says.

So, since this year she's going to be 3, I decided to look around for a class and Ive found 2 in PJ.

1. Jean Gan Academy, (2 branch in PJ, Phileo Damansara and DU)
(They will only accept your child if she has turned 3. 2 tahun 9 bulan tak boleh. It has to be 3)
Phone no: 79568700 / 77294700 (call after 1pm)

2. Kizsport. (I'm looking at the one in OU.)
Classes every Saturday 10.30am
Phone no: 03-7726 6313

The fees for both places are the same.

RM40 admin fee
RM88 deposit (I forgot to ask whether Jean Gan have this or not)
RM88 per month (pay every 3 months so RM264 total)

Kizsport have a trial class which you can go but it costs RM40. I'm thinking of letting Azalia try it out this Saturday. Just see if she likes it. If she looks like she can cope than, I suppose I can enrol her. If not... I guess wait till June when she's turn 3 lah kot.

Next on the list,

1.Piano class (Ini Asa yang nak) - this one I suppose I'll wait till she's 5.
2.Swimming class (Ini penting wooo) - have to call the instructor to arrange a trial class.

Mom said once she's started with her activities my weekends would revolve around her schedule.huhu.


  1. Kidsport tu sama ke dgn Play&Learn (new wing kat OU)???? Play&Learn pun ada ballet class, gymnastic class, takewando n wushu etc.

  2. BUkan. Yang ini kidzsports dekat old wing OU. How much the one at Play&Learn?

  3. piano class! but get ready for the exorbitant exam fees and exam books... huhu

  4. ballet RM85-RM110 per month (lain hari lain price).

    taekwando RM100/month.

    gymnastic RM100/month.

    hehe, bukan niat nak promote, tapi shu pun baru je dapat info ni sbb last week gi tengok for tisyia.

  5. No no.. keep the info coming!!! really appreciate it shu.