Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love my scissors.

We had Mon's baby shower on Saturday and it was fun. Doing the deco was definitely the highlight for me. It's been awhile since I've done any crafts so to be able to take out my scissors is definitely something I look forward too. It's nothing artsy, very simple and basic but I love how my friends put the whole decoration thing together. Everything looks so pretty.

Next events are Dina's and Azie's baby shower. Yeay!!! I get to use my scissors again!!!

Other than that, my good friend from Uni just gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday. I am so happy!!!!!! I can't wait to see both mother and son.

Anyway, Azalia is into ultraman these days. Abg Boy really has a lot of influence on this little girl. Her body language is so girly sometimes but when she's playing.. habis.. semua girly manners out the window and she'll happily join the boys wrestling on the ground. She even bites them. Kesian Adam got a bruise on his chest from her bitings.

I miss Alwi.

Yes yes.. my writing is kinda erratic on today's posting but lantaklah. I just couldn't be bothered to susun my thoughts. So I'm just writing things down as I'm thinking about it.

Ahhh work is calling. laterss~~

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