Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love the LRT

Well.. takdelah love it smpi nak tido dlm tu kan. But life has been easier with the latest 4 carriage train addition. If I'm not mistaken, they have only 3 trains at the mo, so the old ones are still in use but even with the 3, service have improved. There used to be a huge crowd in the LRT by the time it reaches my station (which is only the third station from KJ), and sometimes I have to squeeze myself in there (but I have to point out that some of the time this is caused by people who refused to give way or didn't go in the carriages to make way for others to come in..that's just plain annoying laaa). But ever since the new trains took off the crowd is smaller even in the old trains. So yeay to improvement!!!.

In someways I've always prefered the LRT than driving to the office. But if someone were to send me of course I'll be glad to take that offer, but to drive.. hehehe malas laa. Plus I'm not that relaxed in a traffic jam. It takes me 45mins door to door with the LRT and by car, about the same too. Without traffic of course it takes me less but hello.. this is KL we're talking about so there's traffic everywhere except on weekends. Itupun weekends in the early morn.

I also get to catch up on my reading AND tv shows in the LRT which is a blessing because most of the time I don't have to do either at home what with entertaining the little one, household chores, running errands etc.

Walking to the station also helps in making sure I exercise.. although only for 10 mins a day but.. at least that's something. Right?

Hahaha... Why am I suddenly talking about the LRT? I'm just excited about the new train that's all. It's like the train on the Jubilee line in London !!!!


  1. eventhough i love being on maternity leave.. i am excited to catch the new LRT once i start work nanti.. hehe.. crazy? but i totally get you.. lrt time is sooo precious to us kan? can get LOTS done!

  2. Yes K.Lini!!! I agree!!