Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why sleep is important to a child.

When Azalia doesn't have enough sleep this is what happens:

1. Stubbornism. she'll go all rebellious on me.

2. Cranky. Oh yes.. she'll get so cranky that she would sometimes throw tantrums.

3. Eat less. She'll play like nobody's business but than she won't fuel herself with food and then she'll be tired and gets cranky. Basically it's a vicious cycle.

So....I finally got her sleeping schedule to normal again sometimes last week, and I was able to do so as there was nothing much going on, our routine was pretty much fixed. (before, cousins were around due to school holidays and before that I was pretty much busy with studying anak terbiar sket.. uhuksss sedih nye, and weekends are no longer filled with activities that require us to stay out late.)

So yeah.. although kids have tons of energy in them it doesn't mean they need less rest. So turn off those lights and go to sleep.

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