Monday, January 25, 2010


We're thinking of sending Azalia to nursery school soon and since the babysitter is going to move into a condo soon I think it's a good idea. Preferably I would have wanted her to be in school half day and at home/babysitter's place the other half so that she gets some rest but since I work 45 mins away it really is not very time efficient to pick her up during lunch time although I wish I can. sigh

But what to goes on.

So... this week I've decided to check on the nursery school that we have in mind. It's actually at hubby's office. We've told Azalia that we're sending her to school and told her she'll get to read, play and do arts and crafts there and she seems rather excited. Kept on saying she wants to go to school. But meeting new people is scary for any kid(and adults I'm sure) so.. I am feeling rather nervous. (Anaknye tak nervous mak pulak over... hoooboy)

Suddenly I remember how I felt whenever I was about to enter a new school (we moved a lot so I went to 3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools). The first day is the hardest. Not knowing who to have recess with. My hardest time was going into my first secondary school and most girls already had their friends from their previous primary school, while I just moved in to the town so I know no one and since we were not assigned to any class yet so I was pretty much on my own the whole day... yeah... that felt lonely. I actually cried in the toilet during recess missing my old friends. But the next day we had our classes and I made tons of friends and we had a blast.. well at least for 3 months before I had to move again. But yeah.. moving a lot did teach me to make new friends, make conversations and most important of all, have the courage and confidence to meet new people.

So.. I guess.. instead of worrying whether Azalia can do it or not, I should just embrace the fact that its an experience that every child has to go through and have faith that she can do it and I should just watch from the sidelines just like my mom did.Oh and of course.. give her words of encouragement whenever she needs it. She'll learn just like I did. Even if she comes back home crying, things will turn out ok. She'll just need some time to adjust.

hehehe.. mcm kelakar pulak. Baru nak masuk nursery school mak dah drama.


  1. Sayang, I am worried that Alia will go around and bully kids even bigger sized that her. Our child has no fear~~~

  2. Reading that post, I went ,"mdawww~~~~ " inside.

    Bukak Asa's comment, I totally LOL'd! =D