Friday, January 8, 2010

What's cooking.

I just thought of a resolution for 2010. I never really make any resolutions but since I really want to do this and alang2 it's January so can lah make it a resolution. Anyway.. I want to cook/bake more.

In my student days I've always cooked my meals. But ever since we got back here and living with my parents, on average I might have cooked only once a month. Why am I not cooking for my parents instead?? well... First, they are great cooks. Second, they get home much earlier than I do soooo they are always in the kitchen first. What about weekends? Aaahhhh they cook lunch so early that by the time I'm awake all the prep is done and all is left is to put everything on the stove. Plus I feel my cooking is inferior to theirs and since I can't handle criticism I usually let them cook.. HAHAHA.

Anyway.... I miss cooking and the food that I used to dish out. I miss experimenting with recipes. I miss smelling like food and have food stains on my tees(oh wait.. I still stain my tees because my 2 year old is a fussy eater). Plus, I think my cooking skills are getting really rusty. Also... it would be great that my daughter can help me with the baking.

Only problem is.. Asa loves cakes too much so if I bake a cake he'll have an even bigger waistline. But I want to bake a cake. I think my solution to this is to give it away to my colleagues. Yes yes.. I think that's what I'll do.

So.. yes people.. that is my resolution for the year 2010. I WILL MAKE SURE THE KITCHEN BERASAP WITH MY COOKING!!! and of course to have the courage to accept my parents' critics on my cooking. Seriously... they are so good that if we dine out, they almost always would say... "mine taste better" and it's true.. they do.. Sigh.


  1. go wanis!!i nak volunteer myself jadi ur food tester...boleh tak? hehehehe :D

  2. yay! here's one reason to come to work then
    (ah ceh wah ceh wah, komen membakar semangat ni. I dapat portion lebih tak? =P)

  3. Of course kalau u puji lebih2 sket.. HAHA