Friday, January 15, 2010


Had a great lunch. Great conversations, great company what, No-so-great food(masing2 tapau food and apparently the nasi ayam tak sedap) but I think my brownies were pretty awesome.. (puji diri seehhh) so yeah... it was a pretty great lunch. Plus we totally surprised Asma (yep celebrated her bday too).

Last night Azalia helped in baking the brownies. She was all cheeky about it too. Licking the spoon when I turned my back, touching the pan when I told her not to just to prove that I'm wrong (I'm so NOT..kan dah sakit). But it was fun. Definitely would include her in ALL my baking process.

Finished the decos I'm supposed to do for the Baby Shower tomorrow. Ho yeah!!!! Mon's about to pop!!!!!

And I finally got my period which is a definite relief NOT because I know I'm not pregnant (because we all know how much I want to be pregnant) but because I had to go through 2 weeks of PMS and it wasn't very pleasant for my family or myself..huhu. Now the mood swings just dissappeared into thin air and I'm happy again. hehe


  1. Your hubby's tummy size is a great testament of how good your brownies are =)

  2. wanis....brownies mmg sedap! :D
    to wanis' hubby: must exercise....hehehehehe