Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A very tiring weekend.

I've never done a pedi-mani simply because I think why pay for something I can do myself. Anyway, had my first pedi last Saturday afternoon because it's a girly session with friends and the bride-to-be so why not.. it's for the girls.

Anyway, my feet looked all clean and smooth and the nails are so shiny after that I thought.. ok I guess it's worth the RM65. Then come Saturday evening. In-laws called and said the house banjir, so since I was having dinner with the girls, Asa went back after the water subsided to check out the damage and on Sunday I went to help with the cleaning up. I thought it was just water and maybe some daun or ranting (yes it was my first encounter with a flood so I don't know what to expect) then I saw the mud... WHOAAHHH I not only had my first pedi that weekend but my feet also was treated with a mud bath.. and for FREE TOO!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehhehehe

Yeah... the banjir was quite bad. The water level was knee-high and mud was EVERYWHERE. On the floor, inside the cupboards, it was pretty bad. But thankfully we managed to clean up the floors on Sunday and that took the whole day. There was A LOT OF MUD.

Haih...Malaysia's town planning sucks. They don't really put much thought into the drainage system do they. Kita kan iklim khatulistiwa. Sheesh.

I hope it doesn't happen again. If it does.. please not this bad or worse.


  1. When I used to lived in Kerteh, I used to play with mud when flood season comes (usually rumah kawan2). Until I got home and dad asked me a simple question...

    "Are you sure it's mud?"

  2. I know... but I choose not to think too much about it..hehehee

  3. Hehe.. Thank you for getting your recently pedicured feet dirty and helping out dear =)