Monday, November 30, 2009

My little chatterbox.

I'm making it a habit to have a conversation with Azalia before we go to sleep since that's the only time we give each other 100% attention. Other times, either she's busy with her toys or tv or I'm busy with my chores or tv.. hehe

I just love being able to have conversations with her now.I would ask about her day, what she thought about things she did that day and things she likes or dislikes. It's so interesting to see how this little girl tries to verbalise her thoughts. Sometimes when she doesn't want to answer any more questions she would say

"mak tido.. dah night time. esok ckp. alia ngantuk"

hehe.. my baby girl speaks like a grown up.

I've also noticed that she can recognise words now. She might not know how to spell yet, but at least that's a start.Mom has been reading Glenn Doman's books. She insists I give his techniques a try. Maybe I will. In mom's effort to use Glenn's Doman's techniques in building a child's physical abilities(he also has techniques on reading and maths), she let Azalia loose at the mall the other day. Ape lagi.. the little girl ran like crazy and who was the one chasing her??... my dad.. HAHAHAHAH...

Another funny story, one time, Asa tried to hide Azalia's picture album from her because she kept playing with them, I asked Asa where it is and the little girl was standing between us just waiting for her father to answer me. He answered me in English hoping that Azalia won't understand and before I could budge, she beat me to it and gleefully took the album from its hiding the place. Hampeh betul lah. Doesn't Asa realise that the girl watches Playhouse Disney channel religiously. Of course she understands English. Maybe we should start spelling since she doesn't know that yet.

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