Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy peasy strawberry sorbet

Stock up on those strawberry the next time you're in Cameron Highlands. Freeze them immediately when you get home and you can enjoy the strawberries for months!!!

Made this for Azalia because she loves ice cream and it's a great way to give her a healthy one.

(for about 1 mug)

1. about half a dozen FROZEN strawberry's
2. about 1 tblspn of honey or less if you prefer it to be less sweet. (to replace sugar)
3. some water (dun make it too watery. Just enough water to make it easier to blend)

Blend all ingredients together and eat before it melts.

If you can't finish it just put what's left back into the freezer to enjoy later.

And it only takes you about 5-10mins to prepare.

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