Friday, November 13, 2009

Funny conversation

This conversation is funny because
1. She brings her blanket a.k.a blankie everywhere
2. Azalia sucks her fingers (not thumb ok.. fingers.. yes with an s.. her right middle and fourth finger..)
3. She also has a bantal busuk at her babysitter(nek wan)'s place.

We were in the car and I thought I left her blankie. But it was with her, so I decided to just ask her what if I left it.

Me: Alia kalau blankie takde dekat rumah nek wan mcm mana?

Alia: Tak apa.. bantal ade

Me: Kalau bantal takde blankie takde mcm mana?

Alia: Alia nangis lah

Me: Kalau nangis pun takde jugak mcm mana?

Alia: Takpe tangan ade

Me: speechless...

Looks like she won't be giving up sucking her fingers anytime soon.. huahuahua

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