Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hitting is NOT OK!!

My little girl has developed a habit of hitting people she doesn't like to our dismay.

She doesn't hit just for fun, she hits because these people(adults mainly, she's really good with babies and kids younger than her) are teasing or pinching her which she really hates. I told her to just say no to these people and walk away but she resorts to hitting them after saying no because she noticed that even when she says no they still continue to do it.

She's a kid but she already knows what she likes and she doesn't like and she doesn't like to be touched by people she doesn't know. Hurray for me as it means she won't simply run away with strangers but the hitting... OMG, it can be quite embarassing.

I want her to respect her elders but I also wish her elders can respect her wishes but I know.. people like to tease little kids. Takkan nak marah plak kat org lain kan. I try to explain why she behaves the way she does, and hope that the other party would stop but certain people finds the reaction funny and won't stop. Even my grandfather and aunt does it for fun and now they are on her hate list.

Seriously. I can see the difference between how she treats them compared to my other aunties and uncles. She's a feisty kid and I'm glad that she can defend herself. But she has to learn that there's a line that she cannot cross, there should be some respect even to those you don't like and there should be some self restrain. But she's not even 3 and is it fair to expect someone that age to understand all this?.

This is a work in progress and I have faith that she will learn to understand and stop but for now it's a relief that she doesn't hit her peers or those younger than hers.

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