Friday, November 20, 2009

Babies, babies and MORE BABIES

4 babies next year!! WOOHOOO!!!

Am so excited that my group of friends are finally having babies!!!!!

Now to plan for their baby showers.. heheheh I got so many ideas all lined up already!!!

Before I wasn't so into planning anything but now that Azalia's all grown up (hehehe poyo je baru 3yo) I have my hands free and time to do my own things. YEAY!!!. Plus I can also involve Azalia in these things. DOUBLE YEAY!!!

But I still want more babies. Production will definitely start once my 6month resting period is over. That means...... MARCH??!!!..aiyak.. lmbtnye lagi!!!!


p.s: Nak check out Isetan YE sale lah.

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