Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10pm ramblings

I've been subcontracting babysitting services to my parents due to the fact that I've still got tons to read. Ntah bila ntah nak habis. Well at the pace I'm taking my papers I think it'll be quite a while. HAHAHA.

It's ok.. I've got what 5 years with the company so till then I'm not going nowhere so might as well just take this exams one at atime?? yess?? no??? papojelah.

Hubby's working late AGAIN tonight. He's been coming home around 11pm lately. We haven't even had a decent conversation this week. Just some short phone calls at the office. Azalia's getting used to it. Now whenever we're home, she'll go straight to my parents because both mom and dad would be busy. But I try to make time. At least an hour just playing with her and I still read to her before she sleeps. Yes she sleeps rather late this past few days. Selagi mak nye tak tido anak nye pun join sama. Haha. But never after 12am. No no.. I can't even function well if I sleep later than that (dah tua) ape lagi si kecil tu. She needs her rest if not she'll be either

1. too stubborn or
2. too cheerful. This is fun to watch but she still won't listen to you. She'll just laugh and laugh and laugh at whatever you say.

Oh won't be too long. Just 2 weeks baby!!!! just 2 weeks more!!!!

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