Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Budget

I know..it's a bit late and the excitement has died down but I just have to say this.

BUDGET 2010 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Come on..the RM50 p/a service tax charged to credit card to encourage savings is a lot of bull. Why not charge it to those who do not pay on time or simply just increase the interest rates on CC. People like me only uses the CC for convenience(and the points..hehe)and the RM50 though seems small is still unnecessary.. arghh

And the the re-introduction of the RGPT!! OMG!!! how fickle can the govt get. First, in 2007 you scrap so everyone got excited and invest in properties then when you see a lot of people have bought properties with the intention to sell them you think "oooo I shouldn't let go of this chance to collect something from their gains" so you re-introduce the RGPT.. a bit like leading people on here don't you think. Plus.. what about those who sell because they have to and not for investment purposes.. why not re-introduce the RGPT with a clause that it doesn't apply to those who have held the property for.. let's say.. 10 years.


But to be fair.. let's say hurray to the RM500 tax relief on broadband subscription and RM1000 increase in personal tax relief.

I know time is tough and the government should start increasing their income but shouldn't they decrease their expenditure and wastage too??!!!

Has everyone forgotten the AG's report!!!!!!

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