Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Responsibility : Your stuff

Came back late monday night. Wasn't in a good mood. Mom told me Alia lost the cover of one of her marker pens. She discarded the pen and said

Alia: Nanti beli baaanyaaakk lagi

Atuk: Alia ada duit ke nak beli??

Alia: Alia takde duit

Atuk: Macam mana nak beli takde duit??

Alia: Mak ade duit. Mak beli lah.

haha..Great. No way I'm letting her think it's as easy as that.

So.. of course I didn't let her get away with it. Told her sternly that there's no way I'm getting her a new one just because she was careless. Insisted that she looked for it (well at least help me look for it). She followed me around the house while I was looking for it. Apparently she lost it because my grandfather made fun of her and she threw it to him. Sigh. (Temper temper.. need to control that. I'm certain she got the temper from me but must teach her to control it. it's still a WIP for me apetah lagi si kecil tu..haha)

After awhile of searching, still didn't manage to find it so found another pen cover and luckily it fits so at least that one pen doesn't go to waste. Azalia was indeed sorry as she looked at me with a sad eye and kept on saying

"sorry mak... sorry mak"

Of course I forgave her but I also confiscated her pens and told her that she can only play it with me around.

Anyway, I bought washable markers because she got interested in playing with my permanent markers and some of her clothes got damaged .I'm hoping that these markers don't stain. Then again if it does, she just have to learn to be more careful with her clothes. How else is she going to learn to take good care of her stuff.

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