Saturday, January 22, 2011

Funny story..

After months of nagging from my mother and aunt (who I think is nagging me abt this because she is already pregnant with her 5th child while I'm still at I finally made an appointment to see a fertility specialist.

It was just across the street that I worked, so I thought.. why not. Since it's a fertility consultation the company's not paying for it. I asked a friend who's been to one and she said the cost for her 1st visit was around RM200 so.. I brought RM200. I thought if its more than that I could just charge it. Turns out.. it was RM420. Sure the consultation and scan was RM200. But he diagnosed me after the scan and a blood test was needed to confirm hence the extra RM200. I was horrified that they didn't accept card, only cash or cheque. So.. I told them to hold the RM200 while I went to the ATM to withdraw some more cash.. MALU!!!..hehehehe. tu lah dah biasa sangat pergi clinic FOC terus tatau nak budget nak bawak berapa.

Next trip confirm bwk cheque book.

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