Monday, January 10, 2011

Azalia's 4th day kindy

Bangun2 dah nanges.

Seriously.. this can't happen every morning. She kept saying "please mak.. tak nak pergi school mak, please mummy.. ok mummy?" etc etc.

Of course she has to go, so bathe her, this time she doesn't want to wear her uniform..ok fine.. and off we went to school. Left her with her screaming at me not to go. Huhuh it was heartbreaking but it's a stage she has to go through. She likes going to school, but she wants me to be with her all the way. How laa??

Anyway.. I've decided to pick her up this whole week instead of asking my aunt to do it. So today, when I picked her up she looked tired. But she wasn't crying. She was talking to a kid and her teacher. She was all smiles when she saw me and said

"Mak tadikan Alia nangis. Tapi sikit je"

Erkk.. that's what you called sikit.

Than she said she shared food with her friend. She also finished her bekal and told me they sang ABCs count 123s etc etc. She was all clingy in the car. She won't let go of my hand, kept on kissing it and caressing it on her cheek. She kept on saying "Sayang mak, Alia suka mak amik". Aiseh budak ni. Nak amik hati lah tu.

Anyway I asked her about school and whether she played at the playground, she said.. "teacher said it's hot today" .She seems ok everytime I pick her up. But she's still not getting used to the idea of me just leaving her in school. Hence the crying I suppose.

Sigh.. looks like it'll take awhile.

I am on a emotional roller coaster with this one.


  1. awanis. Tisyia jumaat n isnin baru2 nih exactly mcm azalia... gi nangis, tapi balik sekola excited je rupa. citer mcm2. n syik ckp "kakak syg mama banyak2" bila balik skolah. Tapi bila tanya nak gi skool tak, semedang jawap takmo.. ahyo... ikutkan hati nak quitkan je, tapi i know i takleh giveup. mmg kena tough la i.

  2. huhu glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Kite kene tabah shu. Ni baru masuk tadika..