Thursday, January 6, 2011

Azalia's 2nd day

So I came to pick her up today and saw her sleeping on one of the teacher's lap, with fingers in her mouth and blankie in the other hand.

The teacher said she didn't want to go inside the classroom today and wanted to stay outside. When the teacher asked how to stop her from crying, Azalia answered "bukaklah beg tu, dalam tu ada blankie". Apparently she stopped crying when she got her blankie but she still refused to go into the class. Than she took of her socks. Itchy she said. Than she told the teacher she's tired. Around 9.30am she slept. The teacher had to hold her for a whole hour as she slept on her lap. OMG.

I woke her up and she smiled. Glad I'm back I suppose. She said tomorrow she wants me to go to school with her. Sigh.. I guess its not over yet.

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