Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To give or not to give

Yesterday, Azalia asked me for more books. I decided to take this opportunity to teach her about the less fortunates.. So I replied to her that there are kids who don't have books.

Azalia: Kenapa mak dia tak belikan

Me: Sebab mak dia tak de duit untuk belikan. Alia kesian tak?

Azalia: nanti dier nak book Alia

Me: Takpelah.. Alia kan banyak book, kasi dier book Alia yang Alia tak selalu baca.

Azalia: Tak nak.. Alia suka semua book Alia. (pause). Mak, belikan budak tu buku barulah

Me: Ahh?? Ok.. kalau kita beli buku baru untuk budak tu Alia tak ada buku baru tau.

Azalia: Ok. (pause)(thinking) Mak budak tu nak satu buku ke banyak buku.

Me: Ntah lah

Azalia: Belikan dia banyak buku mcm Alia ok.

Me: Errr....

Azalia: Mak dia ada toy tak. Jangan bagi toy Alia. Beli dia toy baru. OK mak

Me: Erhhh..

Azalia: Mak.. mana abah dia mak

Me: Ada kot.. Tapi abah dia pun tak cukup duit

Azalia: Mak .. nama dia sapa mak

Me: Mak tak tau lagi

Azalia: Mak.. bila kita nak pegi jumpa budak tu mak..

Erk.... nak berkenalan lah pula.

Asa saved me from further interrogation by saying he'll bring her to see the kids one day.

Hmmm... Looks like I didn't succeed in asking her to impart some of her things to the less fortunate, but I guess its a good thing she wants to give them stuff?? But my objective was for her to give.. not her telling me to give... Erk..

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