Friday, January 7, 2011

Azalia's 3rd day at kindy

She woke up today and started crying saying she doesn't want to go to school.

O...M....G... God please give me strength.

I stayed mum, went to the kitchen to prepare her snack/breakfast for school and let her cry her eyes out. When she saw me ignoring her, she went down to the kitchen and followed me around. Than I told her to go take her bath she starts bawling again.

So I just changed her into her uniform and once both of us got ready, we went of, with her still crying in the car.

This time I sent her to class. She struggled and screamed and kept repeating school is not fun and she doesn't want to. "Please mummy, Alia nak duduk rumah nek wan. Please mummy I don't want to go. Alia takot Alia takot. Alia tak nak, Alia tak nak."

Ok.. seriously.. that broke my heart but I can't cry in front of the teachers right.

So I tore her away from me, kissed her on the cheek and firmly said I'll be outside till its time to go back. And that's what I did. I didn't dare peep through the window for fear that she won't stop crying. But I did went to the back of the class and tried to eavesdrop through the window. After about 10-15 mins, she stopped crying and I could here her talking about her books, cds and ultraman with the teacher. One mother who was peeping to see her son, told me that during snack time Azalia is walking around with her bread in her hands. That gave me some relief.

Than, before classes ended, there's a mini assembly and the teachers told us to go back so that the kids won't see us. I peeped and saw Azalia crying as she went out of the class in a line. I think she must have cried when she saw I'm not outside. Than she saw me and her crying got worse and she struggled to get away from the teacher to get to me. I told her to go to the assembly and she pouted, crossed her arms. And I just ignored her and went along with the teachers as they sang and danced. Yeah the assembly is a singing and dancing session with the all the students.

When school finally ended, suddenly Azalia stopped crying and was all smiles. Sigh. At least this time I know she gets along with the teachers. Siap cerita pasal ultraman. OKlah tu kot.

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