Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Do do

The thing about having an active 2plus year old is you're always thinking of activities for your active child. You want the activities to appeal to the child and also for them to get really active and tired on the way so you can get your weekend rest too.. well at least that's the plan.

Anyway... we've always find things to do for a 3-day weekend. The 2-day weekends are a no brainer but more than that.. we have to put some thought into it. Usually the first day it'll be household chores day. Activities are normally to the playground/swimming pool and at home. The second day we would usually go on an outing, most of the time it's the shopping malls, ie bookstores, kiddy rides, etc. Sometimes to my in-laws. But when we have more than 2 days it's time to put on my thinking cap and think, think, think (to quote tigger, pooh and friends)

The last 3-day weekend we went to Bird Park. Before that it was brunch at Seremban and swimming pool the whole day at Allson Klana Resort with the whole family. Yeah the Yatim clan conquered the whole swimming pool because no one in their right mindh would swim at 2 in the afternoon. So... what about this week??

Well I'm thinking something in KL. I wanted to go to Zoo Melaka and stay there 1 night (WHAT??!! AGAIN!! hey what can I say.. we love the place) but it's a super peak period so that's out of the window. So... my choices are

1. Taman Tasik Titiwangsa - playground and horse ride

2. Zoo Negara

3. Deer Park in Kuala Gandah (ok this is not in KL but it's near so we can make this a day trip!!)

4. Maybe FRIM?? but I think Azalia can't appreciate this yet.

5. Aquaria

6. KLCC park

7. Metropolitan park - playground and KITE!!!!!

Kalau tak mak dgn anak main sorok2 dekat rumah je lah..hahaha

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