Sunday, February 21, 2010

The potty training. 2nd attempt.

1st day.

Not bad. Alia didn't pee or pooped in her Drypantz. What I did was to bring her to the toilet about every 3 hours and let her pee in the potty. Pooping was a wee bit difficult because although Azalia knows she should poop in the potty but she doesn't want to stop playing so she prefers to poop in the diapers. But when she started to squat I quickly brought her to the potty and yerpss... she pooped in the potty. so yeay!!!.

Night time is a different story though. We had an open house to go to and we went grocery shopping after that so she did pee i think once in her drypantz. And she still pees when she sleeps although she went potty before she goes to sleep so.. I guess diapers are still on at night.

2nd day.

Didn't go as well because we went out at noon. But when we're at home she went potty and didn't do any dirty business in her drypantz so that's good news. But just when we thought she had pooped for the day, she went pooping for the 2nd time in her drypantz. Oh Poo... Need to remind her over and over again that she needs to poo in the potty.

But I guess we're off to a good start. Need to remind Asa to tell the babysitter that she should be potty trained there too.

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