Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paragon 202

Asa went surveying new developments around cyber/puchong/seri kembangan area the other day just for fun with his colleague and he found Paragon 202. It's so pretty!!!!.

Those interested can google for the info. All I know is it's a terrace, it's located at Equine park, size 20x70, built up around 1500 something, and the price is around RM290,000. Apparently Asa said the size of the first phase was 18x65 and the price was around RM220,000. It's all sold out now. I wonder if I would have bought this place if I saw it before the one that we bought. No regrets with the one that we bought, for sure.. but the exterior is prettier than ours.Plus it's landed where as ours is a townhouse. But I'm not too sure about the location though. But then again I never thought I would buy a place in Puchong. HAHA.

On another note.. the place that we bought is sold out despite the developer's increase in price!! WOO HOO!!! I don't think I would flip it though. Currently we've decided that we most probably want to rent it out.


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