Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We've cancelled our plans to send Azalia to school. I just think the place is not for her. I did however surveyed another school which is closer to home. It's pricier but the teachers are more qualified and the activities are more structured. I'm not expecting Azalia to be taught with no play. Helloo mana boleh lah kan. Budak baru 3 tahun of courselah learning through play. But what I mean by structured is there is a purpose for every activities they do and the kids are properly guided during the activities to ensure the objectives are met. Plus the students to teacher ratio are much less so each students can get more attention from the teachers.

Even though I think we've found a good place for her, we're holding it off another year. To ensure she gets the playtime she needs, I will plan for more activities after work and on weekends. So until next year, Azalia will be home schooled at night and on weekends. hehe.

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