Monday, March 28, 2011


These past few weeks my weekends have been filled with activities that I don't remember the last time I put my leg up in front of the telly and just surf the channels. Sigh.

Anyway, I don't think I'm the only one who's tired these past few months, Azalia has also been effected by it. Plus, I've noticed a few things that I could do to avoid her from behaving badly.

1. No late nights on weekends. EVER!!! (I'm still trying to be consistent with this because it usually means no late nights for me too which is a bit hard as it limits the things I could/should do on weekends)

2. 3 main meals a day and a snack each in between. And less sugar and salt

3. Have structured play and free play.

4. Get some sunshine.

No.1 is the utmost important as it guarantees a happy and well behaved Azalia throughout the day. I've noticed that whenever she has a late night, she would be easily tired the nextday even if she wakes up late and she gets cranky easily. Not to mention extra stubborn. Plus.. it's also hard to implement no.2 so I suppose I have no choice but try my hardest to make sure she sleeps on time. Currently bed time on weekdays is like a clockwork but weekends is still a work in progress due to relatives visiting, dinner outing or weddings. But if I want a calm and happy weekend, I have to be consistent.

Sound easy huh..


For example, last weekend, our schedule were like this

Morning - Parent Teacher's Day, Playgroup
Noon - Lunch
Eve - Kite flying at Metropolitan Park

Full right?? so Azalia should be sleeping at around 8pm because she didn't have any nap. But my cousin was around and stayed at the house till 11pm so no amount of persuasion could make her ready for bed time because she wanted to play with her uncle who she rarely sees.

Sure enough the next day we had a friend's kenduri to go to and she wasn't in her best behaviour. She was already tired when we wanted to go, she slept before we went and if we were to wait longer we would have been very late, so we decided to just go and upon arrival she woke up(still tired) and did whatever she pleases and ignored whatever I said. On the way back she slept again and because we haven't seen my in-laws for weeks so we had to go see them and she went to the playground.

Due tu tiredness, she cried all the way back from my inlaws because I scolded her for biting her toes in the car and that night she fought to stay awake. (by singing to herself)

So last weekend was not Azalia's good behavour week. Which is unlike the week before where it was at a slower pace and we had time to put some structure in her day.

So.. If you have friends who would have to decline to go anywhere because she needs to keep to her child's schedule, don't judge, because a schedule is really important for a child's wellbeing. A child needs structure and for that, the parents have to sacrifice certain things in their life to make sure this structure is in place. Sure if you have a maid/nanny you could make her apply this structure while you live your life as usual, but this is not a case for me because even though we had a maid while I was growing up but I was brought up by my mother and not my maid and I want the same for my child.

The maid can do the dishes, clean the house, do laundry but when it comes to playing, nurturing and disciplining her, I would prefer to do it myself. But of course I don't have a maid yet.. so anyone who comes to my house.. please know that housekeeping is somehow my last priority so there will be days when it looks like a hurricane just hit.. you see... I have a schedule to keep.

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