Thursday, March 24, 2011

On death

The other day Azalia was watching TV and the trailer for the movie RANGO came on. I think one of the character said "you're going to die" and Azalia found it funny and she kept repeating it.

I finally asked her not to say such thing. Of course she asked why. I proceeded in telling her all of us will die someday but we don't say it to people because we don't want to wish anyone to die. Death will happen but its a sad occasion.

Azalia: Nanti mak die ke?
Me: One day semua org pun die so yes one day I will
Azalia: Alia tak nak mak mati. Nanti tak dapat jumpa mak. Mak pergi mana
Me: Bila mati we all go to Allah. So if mak mati, I will be with Allah.
Asa: Awak kene doa untuk mak. Baca al-fatihah banyak2.
Azalia: Kalau baca doa mak hidup balik??
Me: (Laughing) tak lah. Dah mati mana hidup balik. But doa so that you remember me and your doa will come to me when I'm with Allah.
Azalia: (no longer sad) lepas tu bila Azalia nak jumpa mak balik.
Me: When your time comes to be with Allah, Alia jumpa lah mak balik.
Asa: (menyampuk), dekat syurga.
Me: That's why we pray, we do good things because we want Allah to love us when it's time to be with him.
Azalia: (confused look) Ok..(gaya let me get this straight). Alia tak nak mak die. Kalau mak die, mak dengan Allah. Kalau mak die Alia baca doa. Pastu nanti Alia boleh jumpa mak lagi kan?
Me: bolehlah tu.

So how do you explain life and death to a child.

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