Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lets get creative

Azalia loves doing activity books. She loves everything about it. The maze, the matching game, the sequence game, counting game. Everything I tell you. She also loves buying them. Everyday she would want a new one and would try to finish everything the day itself. I've resorted to telling her she can only get a new book after 10 days. The 1st day will start on the day she starts asking for a book and we'll mark the calendar and cross out each time a day passes.

Meanwhile, to keep her occupied I've decided to make my own activity prints based on disney cartoon themes. Besides printing them, I also recycle her old activity books by cutting and pasting the character and making games out of them. On average she will do about 10 activites per night.

The good thing about this is clearly she loves learning. So right now I'm struggling to think what is not too easy for her and not too hard. I want to incorporate life lessons and also some maths, science and spelling in the picture. Who says being a mother is easy. I find myself constantly challenged and having to put my creative hat on. And that hat is not easy to fill.

Fortunately there are lots of WAHM and SAHM who blogs about their home schooling adventures. Currently I'm taking some of their ideas and incorporate them in our themes and the activities that we want to do.

Sure its easier to just buy that book she wants but whats stopping me from doing that is I want her to learn the value of money. I want her to learn the importance of delayed gratification because I think that will teach her to learn patience and be determined. I want her to know that loving her doesn't mean I'll buy everything for her.

Where do I find the time to do this? Lunch time at work, break time and when I get to work early. It's fun seeing her enjoying the things I've prepared for her. And at the same time its amazing what she picks up. Check the sites I've linked below for some ideas of your own. They also have links to awesome resources. Doing DIY not only is cost effective but it lets you be creative too.

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