Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Awesome #1 - A friend having PMS on the same day you are.

While everything fell into place yesterday and I was all chirpy, today was exactly the opposite and it's only 11am.

First the LRT had problems and I was 20mins late for work. Fine.

Then.. I thought the boss was not in.. and then an hour later she came. Fine.

Then.. I heard there's a possibility I might have to start staying back once a week again because some people wanted things to be easier for them... FINE!!.

Then... my crops withered (smurf game)...This sounds stupid but I was upset OK!! so FINE!!

Then I read about a blogger who I've followed since Azalia was born, whose circumstances were similar to mine ( have a 4yo and difficulty getting pregnant after due to health reasons, although our health reasons are not the same) is now having a miracle.... in addition this morning Azalia asked me why there's still no baby. Plus.. I'm having a red flag day currently.

That was it for me. I felt the gloomy clouds over me and I suddenly couldn't function.

Then a friend Gtalked me and said she's PMS-ing and we just poured our hearts out about stupid things we're PMS-ing about (yes even about the smurf game and she tried not to laugh but as I typed it down we both laughed..hahaha). Misery sure loves company.

Thanks Fadh. :)

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