Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mattel Toys Warehouse Clearance Sale

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I've been to it twice in previous years and my tips are

Seriously if the sale were as good as previous years (50-60% off) you should go early. And when I say early I mean before the doors are open. I have seen pregnant ladies ran inside Atria to get to level 2 where the sale is held ok.

2. BYOB - Bring your own bag. I mean big plastic bag (those ikea ones are ideal). Because the toys are bulky and its easier to just dump them into the bags before you get to the checkout. If not.. not enough hands how to bring everything to the counter. And if you just leave them at one corner confirm org amik punya!!!

3. Make sure you are not in a rush. Make time for the queue.
Last time I went I had to queue for a freaking 1 hour because the lady in front of me was holding up the line for 5 FREAKING FRIENDS!!! WTH!!!.. I mean queuing up for one friend is fine. Even two is understandable BUT 5!!! Yeah.. be as kiasu as can be because they would be kiasu to you.

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